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We're never done with Game of Thrones. Sure, most of us are still furious about the results of the final season, but our love for masterful previous episodes still runs deep. Or, perhaps, we're merely interested in the dramatic lives of the cast members; who, by-the-way, share none of the blame for the disaster that was Season Eight.

Most of us are well acquainted with the private lives of these celebrities, but there are elements that have eluded us. Qualities, controversies, and secrets that have remained hidden fora long time. Unfortunately for these actors, these details have been unearthed. Without further ado, here are 25Game of Thrones actors and the one thing they try to keep private but can't.

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Both Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were furious when their super-secret wedding in Las Vegas was revealed by none other than Diplo. According to USAToday, the DJ live-streamed the wedding for his followers much to the chagrin of Sansa herself. The ceremony was done in secret so that the pair could have a more lavish wedding in France without the legal issues of getting married out of the country.

Thinkback to that steamy scene with Jon and Ygritte in the cave. Remember that we got to see more "Jon" than usual? Yeah, well, that wasn't him. According to The Telegraph, Kit Harington used a body-double for the scene, angering all of his thirsty fans. This wasn't public information until well after the scene had aired and fans thought they knew everything about Jon Snow.

Sean Bean has had a checkered past, but not all of those checkers are negative. According to The Daily Mail, in 2011, Bean was attacked after he stepped in to defend a model who was receiving "lewd comments" from a passerby.Bean was just in the right place at the wrong time but decided to not let the woman's honor be besmirched by such a patronizing lowlife. To this day, he's remained really quiet about the incident.

One thing that Lena Headey definitely didn't have in common with Cersei Lannister when she first started playingthe character has to do with her finances. According to People, Headey was left on the edge of bankruptcy after her marriage ended with Peter Loughran. In fact, she had less than $5 in her bank account. Apparently, this information became public knowledge when Loughran asked for the couple's tax refund.

We'd expect Jason Momoa to get any girl he wanted and, in a sense, that's true. According to eOnline, the actor had a major crush on The Cosby Show's Lisa Bonet ever since he was 8 years old. He told his mom that he would eventually marry her one day and that he would "stalk" her for the rest of her life until he got his wife. And guess what? He did. They fell in love. They got married. And the rest is history.

If you thought Jon Snow knew nothing, make some room for Brienne of Tarth. According to Radar Online, actor Gwendoline Christie has admitted that she doesn't even know when her real birthday is. Thanks to birthdays not being of consequence in her family, she never kept track of the date she was born. Therefore, she doesn't even know how old she is... Which could be a logistical nightmare for her.

Natalia Tena didn't make it as far as the final season, but that's not why she dislikes it so much. The Osha actor told Yahoo's White Wine Question Time podcast that she felt the caliber of writing dwindled toward the end of the series. She said that it even felt like the show was written by completely different writers than who started out. This reflects the precise sentiments of many GOT fans.

Okay, we all know Richard Madden is handsome, but we're not so sure about his 18-month romance with the gorgeous Ellie Bamber. According to Mirror.UK, Madden got dumped by Bamber shortly after his Golden Globe win in January 2019. She was 19-20 when she first started dating him, while he was in his early 30s. While this may not be a big deal to some, to others it's eyebrow-raising.

By now all Game of Thrones fans are well aware of Emilia Clarke's traumatic experience when she suffered a life-threatening strokewhile filming the Second Season of the show. Clarke wrote a personal essay for The New Yorker that explained that she had secretly been coping with a very, very serious illness that almost claimed her twice. The essay was beautifully written and finally allowed us to understand a smidgen of what she went through.

According to The Daily Mail, Tywin Lannister actor, Charles Dance, has been through a lot in the love department. The veteran actor's love life has been marred after his split from his baby mama, Eleanor Boorman, who is 26 years his junior. This happened just months after the birth of their daughter in 2012. Since he's been linked with a number of much younger women but none of these relationships have lasted long.

If you knowsomebehind-the-scenes tidbitsfromGOT, you'd already know about the conflict between Bronn's Jerome Flynn and Cersei's Lena Headey. In 2014, word got to The Telegraph that the two actors, who'd once been together, had to be kept apart at all times. This is why we never saw them share the screen. Unfortunately, whatever conflict they once had was never resolved throughout the course of the show's production.

Fans adore Maisie Williams. And many of them are utterly concerned with her ink. But according to TattooDo,Williams has been really secretive about one of her many tattoos. She kept the location and design of this tattoo hidden from her fans, perhaps to create a mystery. But one day, a Twitter fan posted a pic of Williams' ankle and the Kanji character tattoo on it.

What ever happened to Joffrey? It seemed like he just disappeared into the night without a trace. Well, according to The Irish Independent, Jack Gleeson is SO over acting altogether. He has no love for his character on Game of Thrones or participating in the craft whatsoever. Instead, he's pushing to be an academic and work towards his Ph.D.

This story has been underplayed but it still haunts Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wherever he goes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was ordered to pay about $1.75 million plus $225,000 in interest to his former manager, Jill Littman. This is because of a major contract dispute that teased the possibility of immigration fraud. Yep, this is some serious stuff.

Yes, Conleth Hill, join the club! We know you hated the final season of GOT too. According to The Daily Mail, the Varys actor looked really angry when he discovered his character got offed in the documentary, The Last Watch. On top of this, the actor has voiced how he misses the old days of his character and not what the writers did with him in the final two seasons.

Carice Van Houten has a son and it's not a shadow monster. According to The Daily Mail, the Melisandre actor had a baby with Memento star Guy Pearce in 2016. Van Houten has been highly secretive of this because she wants to give her son as normal a life as possible.

According to Digital Spy, the Deadwood actor wascompletely uninterested in Game of Thrones when he was cast. This is probably why he totally phoned-in his performance during his one-episode stint in Season Six. After the fact, he had some very harsh words for fans who didn't like what he did on the show.

Nathalie Emmanuel has bared all on Game Of Thrones. But according to The Sun, the actor had to come to terms with her negative body image beforehand. Emmanuel explained that she was never happy with how she looked during her teen years and was always hard on herself because of it. Luckily, she found her confidence.

Buzzfeed somehow figured out that Sibel Kekilli's previous job was very similar to the occupation her character Shae started out in on Game of Thrones. While we can't get into too much more detail here, we can say that Kekilli certainly lived an interesting and different life before she became an actor in the mainstream.

After the Third Season of GOT, the character of Daario Naharis was given to Michiel Huisman. But for a few episodes, Deadpool star Ed Skrein played the hunky sellsword. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Skrien explained that he was really unhappy about the politics that pushed him out of playing the character. After all, he planned on being in it "for the long haul".

PilouAsbk doesn't mince words, not unlike his character, Euron Greyjoy. During an interview with Vulture,Asbk was asked about how Euron's aim got significantly worse over the course of three episodes in the final season. His response, "Because [writers] needed it for the storyline". Ouch... Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the GOT writers' craftsmanship.

Ba-humbug! Another GOT cast member who doesn't like the show. Although, according to Watchers On The Wall, Stephen Dillane didn't like his performance specifically. He said that he was uninspired by the materialand was left disheartened by the end of filming. To quote him, "I felt Id built the castle on non-existent foundations.

Alfie Allen has one. He definitely has one. Has what, you ask? Well, something that would help him create a child with DJ and model Allie Teilz. According to The Daily Mail, the highly secretive actor had a child in October 2018 and has lived quietly with his family ever since. Good for Allen for trying to give his daughter a "normal" life.

Some fans hated seeing Ed Sheeran cameo on GOT, especially since his character ended up singing. According to The Times, this anger is the least of his worries. Sheeran is now in a bitter legal battle over plagiarism for his song, "Shape Of You". Musician Sam Chokri says that parts of his song were taken for "Shape Of You" after he sent Sheeran his demo.

Peter Dinklage has been an outspoken advocate for the little people's community all of his life. But in 2003, he joined Gary Oldman in a film called Tiptoes. According to Looper, this film was problematic at best, and flat-out offensive to those with dwarfism, at worst. Dinklage ended up defending the original cut of the film but has distanced himself from what was released.

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