44 Amazing Penguin Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Fly

Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Mar 07, 2019

If you are looking for a new tattoo design that involves your love of penguins, then you have certainly come to the right place. Penguins have been around for a very long time and they have made a strong impression in pop culture for quite a long time. Penguins are a beloved animal for a reason and its not because they are cute. We have seen penguins depicted in books, movies and TV all over the world and there is a reason for that. The penguin is a popular animal and its not just because of how cute they are, people just love the little waddle that the penguins make. They are seemingly friendly animals and it doesnt hurt that they mate for life. We cant say enough good things about the penguin.

These animals have amazing contrasting colors that make for great tattoos. If you are thinking of a penguin tattoo, then we have a long list of options for you. These tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and if you want something special then you came to the right place.

1. Penguin Lines

This penguin tattoo was made up of a series of lines. We just love the cute little bow on top.

2. Going Surfing

If you have a love of surfing then you are sure to love thissweet design. This penguin knows what he wants and thats to grab some waves.

3. Matching Designs

Maybe you want to share your love of penguins with someone else. These are both very different images but they are both pretty awesome.

4. Smoking Penguin

Its not every day that you see a smoking penguin but its definitely a funny tattoo idea.

5. Ornate Penguins

This is a very different form of penguin designs. The blue and purple are sure to brighten your day, the colors are amazing.

6. Sparkling Eyes

This penguin has a sparkle in her eyes. We love this sweet design and we are sure that you will too.

7. The Top Hat

We love this cute little penguin with a top hat. All theblack here is sure to make a penguin stand out. If you are looking for a small tattoo then this one is perfect.

8. Multiple Penguins

Three penguins taking a walk andthe last one has something to say. A great design that has some unique penguin designs.

9. The Universe

A great penguin design that has the universe all around it. There are lots of pretty colors here that you are sure to love.

10. Blue Balloon

This little penguin is cute as a button and its flying away. The blue balloon is being carried away by this wonderful balloon.

11. Large Designs

A great design if a large penguin, one that you are sure to love. We love all the nice colors involved here.

12. Penguin Love

A great tattoo of two penguins loving each other. The colors here are deep and beautiful. If you love tattoos then you are sure to love these penguins.

13. Courting Penguins

These are cute penguins going for a walk. It looks like a courting situation because the female penguin has a walking umbrella.

14. Wearing a Toque

A great tattoo design that is sure to bring you a lot of joy! How can you not love the penguin that wears a toque?

15. Detailed Designs

A stunning penguin design that has a lot of gorgeous color to it. This is a beautiful penguin image because of the detail as well as the color involved in the tattoo.

16. Gorgeous Colors

We cant help but love this penguin tattoo because of the stunning colors. The sky is lit up with bright colors and this tattoo is sure to catch the eye.

17. Skinny Penguin

An unusual penguin design that is sure to make you happy. Its a skinny penguin with an unusual look and one that has a stick leg, We cant help but love this fun design and so will you.

18. Touching Heads

Two adult penguins with two small children. These penguins are truly wonderful and creative designs. This would also make for a great family tattoo.

19. Love for Penguins

These classy penguins are truly wonderful and we cant help but love their outfits. These are great images that anyone would love because they are absolutely adorable. We just love the monocle. These are special images that are truly wonderful and unique.

20. Single Penguin

A great penguin design that is pretty basic but has some wonderful colors involved. Its a small tattoo that you can place anywhere. If you are looking for a small and simple design then this one is perfect.

21. Detailed Penguins

This badass penguin is all about the vacation life. The colors here are great and so is the vacation gear that this penguin is wearing. If you want a great tattoo design for a penguin then this is it. If you can relate to this vacationing penguin then you will love this tattoo.

22. Blue Moon

A simple design of a couple of penguins with a bright blue moon in the back. There are some wonderful snowflakes happening here as well. We love an Artic scene with a couple of penguins.

23. The Rocket Man

In this case, its a penguin but you have to love this fun design with a rocket strapped to a penguin. It looks like this guy is on a mission. We wonder where this fun little penguin is heading with the rocket strapped to his back. He doesnt seem one bit concerned about it.

24. Freddy Kreuger

A great penguin design that you are sure to love because of your love for The Nightmare on Elm Street. Were not sure what the connection is to penguins but its a pretty fun design.We love this creative tattoo that is all about Freddy Kreuger in a whole new form.

25. Fancy Penguins

These dark designs make up a penguin with a pretty fancy suit on. The dark colors and the bright orange make for a great contrast. A great image that makes you pop. If you are looking for a tattoo that is truly classy then you will love an image like this one.

26. The Mob

This Kingpin looks like he has some pretty serious business to attend to. This penguin has a gun in its hand and he seems intent on using it. This little penguin is quite the badass and he doesnt care about holding justice in his own way.

27. Whale Love

A great penguin design that has some amazing sketch lines to it. The whale on the inside makes for a very creative tattoo idea. These tattoos are all about the wild animals in the North and we love that they are combined in this image.

28. Gorgeous Colors

A terrific image of a little penguin listening to music. There are so many beautiful colors floating up to help you to feel the music too. We love those splotched colors because they are so bright. The colors are incredible and look like paint swatches. This type of tattoo is very popular now and its because of the bright colors.

29. Rose Designs

A gorgeous penguin design with a bright red rose. If you are looking for a simple but cool design then this is the one for you. There is a lot of detail to this image and its truly wonderful. An old school image of a wonderful penguin.

30. Origami Penguin

This is a very creative and fun penguin design. The origami look is truly wonderful. The color and design are unique and we love that the penguin is just floating away. You wont find a more unique tattoo than this one and it makes having a penguin tattoo so much fun.

31. Bold Colors

A great penguin design that has some bold colors. If you want a simple design then you are sure to love it. The purple flower really makes the whole image pop off the skin. If you are looking for a simple penguin design then this would be a perfect one.

32. Cute Portrait

A great design that is more than just a little cute. This penguin is posing in a cute picture that was framed for show. Its a sweet idea that is unique as well as it is wonderful. Its a classic looking penguin that is wonderful and its small enough that it can be placed anywhere.

33. The Monocle

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44 Amazing Penguin Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Fly

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