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All the OTT Platforms are geared up to launch some summer-filled blockbuster movies, and it will provide a kick-off with their incredible film lineup of July. In addition, it is expected that in the coming days, all the OTT platforms will be filled with many original release films and shows.

This June, all the OTT platforms will release all film categories, whether it is a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror. In this week of July, there are several films on which audience have shown their more love by watching mostly.

Here is a list of the top 10 films in this weekend of July 2021:

10.Fear Street: 1666

This Fear Street trilogy is based on the year 1666, while a merciless witch-hunt has gripped a small colonial town that has been damning some consequences to that town for tears.

The main thing is that in 1994, a group of the teenager has found out the history and try to destroy the curse of the town forever before it becomes so late.

9.Fear Street:1994

It is based on the bestselling horror book of R.L. Stine that follows the nightmare through the history of Shadysides sinister. The story was set in 1994; a team of teenagers has discovered that all the terrible events that have haunted their town continuously for generations are connected. Now the next target may be them.

8.Gunpowder Milkshake

In this, we will see the story of a woman who is Sam. At the age of 12, her mother, Scarlet, an elite assassin, was forced to abandon her. After The Firm brought Sam up, it depicts a ruthless syndicate of crime that her mother works for. After that, 15 years have passed away, and she also followed her mothers footsteps and grown into a fierce assassin. She also utilizes her talents to clean up The Firms most terrible messes. She is both efficient and loyal.

7.Cosmic Sin

It is a story of seven soldiers that has launched a preemptive that has a strike against the latest discovered alien civilization with the hopes of ending the war of the interstellar before it has started.

6.Haseen Dillruba

In this film, we will see Rani Kashyap (Taapsee Pannu), who is very proud of her sexuality. This woman is a big fan of Dinesh Pandit, a pulpy fiction writer in Hindi. This terrible woman becomes married to Rishu. Rishu has lost his heart at his first glance at Rani. He is doing crazy things like tattooing her name on his wrist; Rishu is trying his best to keep his newly married bride happy at any cost.

The world of Rani become clash down after her husband become dead at a blast, and she is suspected as a victim by the police. The investigation started, and as the investigation going deep, Ranis personality layers have got off after finding her to be attracted towards her neighbour (Rane). It leaves some hint about more to Rishu than eye contact.

5. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

In this, all the heroes will team up to battle the arcane Order to control the magic that will bind them together.

4.Blood Red Sky

In this film of vampire, we will get the vibe of Die Hard 2. The trailer reveals Nadja, who has reunited with her 10 years old son at the German airport. At the airport, her son expressed that Nadja has needed medicine to provide herself with some fresh blood before the two board the transatlantic flight overnight. The plane becomes hijacked by the terrorists, attacks many passengers, and shoots Nadja seemingly dead. Still, it does not end. She becomes wake up and depicts that the blood disorder is mainly vampirism.


The story of this exciting sci-fi is based on four university students who are suffering from insomnia and lured for the neuroscience experiment that can spiral out of control very soon. They become stuck within their own minds; now, they have to find out how to escape before it becomes too late.

2. Toofan

In this film, we will see Farhan Akhtar playing the lead role of Aziz Ali, a thug usually known by Ajju Bhai. He also has faced brawls, bullies, and also intimidates people but eventually learns that the people are cowering in fear at his sight that does not equate to respect. After that, the man eventually finds his passion for boxing. Nana Prabhu coached him; Ali becomes a very famous boxer in the athletic world. He is in love with Pooja with his romantic interest to lead an honest life.

1.The Tomorrow War

In this film, we will see the present world become wondered while a group of time travellers comes from 2051 to give some important message. After thirty years, they will say that humanity is losing a global war against some terrible alien species. They will see that the only hope of them will be the soldiers and the civilians from the present time if the civilians will transport to the future and fight together with them. In the team, there is a high school teacher and family man Dan Forester. They are very determined to protect the world for his little daughter Dan collaborates with some intelligent scientists and his father to write the fate of the Earth in a new way. Here are a lot of shots of Chris Pratt holding a gun.

Best movies to binge at this weekend - TechnoSports

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