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Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Nov 06, 2019

Burglars targeted Some'ink Different in Oakengates again last night, even taking a Children in Need donation pot.

Now Rob Saxon, of Some'ink Different, says it is time to fight back and stop thieves who have been targetting Oakengates for months.

His comments come after a year where a long line of shops, mostly charity shops, have been hit by thieves in the area.

Some'ink Different was targeted in early September. The shop was roughly searched and a number of tools were taken.

"We feel really angry," Mr Saxon said. "This time is not quite as bad, but they've just taken money.

The annoying thing is they took a Children in Need pot. We're tattooing for charity next Friday and there was a little jar out front for people to donate, and they've taken the change out of that. It's just low.

"They've taken any money, any change. They even took a tub full of 2p pieces there was probably only about 1 in there."

Mr Saxon said it was frustrating that businesses in the area were still being targeted.

"It's about prevention," he said. "People say about CCTV, but it's not about looking at CCTV and seeing a couple of people in balaclavas. This time the recording box was taken as well.

"We need to stop people from getting up onto the roofs. I walk around Oakengates and I can see places to get up to the roof. There's no cameras up above and that's how they're getting into places.

"It is an absolute nightmare. The shops and the councilneed to come together and come up witha solution."

Mr Saxon said the second attack in as many months would not scare him off.

"None of us are just going to move because of senseless idiots who think it's OK to steal," he said.

"My business and client base are here. People know we're here. It's a good studio, a good size. Things like this make you more determined, to be honest. We work hard for our money, just for someone to come in and take it. When it's charity money it's even worse."

Over the months, a number of shops have been hit by thieves in Oakengates.

The Red Cross Shop was targeted in early September, and across the year others have included the Hillbrae Rescue Kennel charity shop, Community Helpp and ExtraCare. Some have fallen victim to the raids more than once.

Anybody with information can call police on 101. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or at crimestoppers-uk.org

'It is an absolute nightmare': Telford tattoo shop hit by thieves for second time in two months - shropshirestar.com

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