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Mother tells of her wedding day heartbreak after she went into labour and lost her baby hours after exchanging vows

A mother went into labour just hours after her wedding and lost her premature baby four days later.

Victoria Holland, 28, from Oldbury, West Midlands, was 27 weeks pregant when she got married to HGV driver Thomas.

She had been feeling achy and tired the day before the ceremony and she went into labour five minutes after arriving at the hospital.

She said: It all happened really quickly.

Id called the hospital and they thought it was probably a water infection.

I couldnt believe it when I went into labour.

Freddie was born at 2.35am that morning and weighed just 2lb 10oz.

He was whisked straight to an incubator in neonatal as he was so small.

Three days later, doctors discovered there were high levels of acid in his blood.

Premature baby Freddie weighed just 2lbs 10oz when he was born and was taken to an incubator. His organs started shutting down after four days. Pictured, Victorias tattoo in memorial of her child

Sadly, at just four days old, Freddies organs started shutting down and

Victoria and her husband Thomas were faced with the devastating decision: whether to let him carry on or to switch off his CPAP life support machine.

It was the hardest decision weve ever had to make.

But we could see how much pain he was in, and that made it an easier decision.

No parent wants their child to suffer.

The doctors said the likelihood was he would pass away at some point.

The vicar came to baptise him with our family there and then they turned off the machines so everyone could have cuddles.

He was alive for two and a half hours when he passed away in my arms.

The heartbroken couple spent a few hours in hospital with Freddie where they bathed and dressed him. They also put together a memory box including teddies and a book called Guess How Much I love You.

Victoria has Freddies name, footprint and birth date tattooed onto her arm with the words Love you to the moon and back a quote from that poignant book.

Edwards Trust is a charity which helps parents, children and young people following the death of a child or a parent.

Services at the Edgbaston centre include one-to-one counselling, support groups, pre-bereavement support, wellbeing and complementary services like massage and reiki, remembrance services and social activities.

Victoria went to Edwards Trust for one-to-one counselling, especially during Freddies post mortem when it was discovered he only had one kidney and that was what had caused the build up of acid in his body.

The counselling was really helpful, it was good to be able to talk without feeling silly or thinking the person was going to judge you.

The post mortem was hard but without it Id have always been thinking was it something Id done wrong?

Because of the post mortem I knew there was nothing we could have done.

I saw the counsellor for around five months and it really helped.

She also went to the Edwards Trust countryside retreat in Church Stretton.

The retreat was beautiful, says Victoria, who went onto work as a maternity support worker at Russells Hall Hospital as she felt she wanted to give something back.

Its so nice to have someone take care of you when youre going through that loss.

You want to bury yourself in a big hole and shut off from the world because your life has stopped but life is carrying on all around you.

Going to the retreat took a bit of pressure off and, at the end of the weekend, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I felt refreshed and uplifted.

It gives you a sense of hope.

Theres a small stream and the counsellors suggested we wrote something onto a pebble that we wanted to take away from the retreat and something we wanted to throw into the stream.

The pebble I took away with me said hope and a few months later, I found out I was pregnant again.

Victoria says her circle of friends through Edwards Trust helped her through her pregnancy.

Throughout my pregnancy I just kept thinking is history going to repeat itself? she says.

I dont know where Id be without my friends from Edwards Trust.

When you have bad days, they say something to put a smile on your face.

Sadly, more difficult times were to come when, at 33 weeks pregnant, it seemed as though Victorias worst nightmares were coming true.

She went into Birmingham Womens Hospital because she was feeling reduced movements and was shocked when she started having contractions.

Following another quick delivery, Reuben was born on September 20, 2016 weighing 5lb.

He was whisked into an incubator before Victoria could even hold him.

I was filled with fear, says Victoria.

Freddie was alive for just four days was the same thing going to happen again?

I hadnt had chance to cuddle Freddie until the day we turned off the machines.

Thankfully, Victoria did get to hold Reuben on day four but he remained in an incubator for two weeks.

Then, at last, the couple were able to bring their precious baby home.

I was anxious but it was amazing to bring him home.

Today, Reuben is a healthy six month old and Victoria has a tattoo on her back to mark her rainbow baby a baby who brings hope after a storm.

Marking their wedding anniversary is naturally a difficult time for Victoria and Thomas.

The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary and Freddies birthday on May 30 and 31 last year.

I try to separate the two because our wedding day went well and we didnt actually have Freddie until the early hours of the following morning, she explains.

We went out for a meal for our anniversary then people came round on Freddies birthday with balloons and birthday cake and we all had a meal and took pictures of Reuben at Freddies graveside.

We celebrated the fact wed had four precious days with him.

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