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SCP 001

SCPs 002 to 099

"The thing cant be remembered, not even indirectly, except for what it isnt. It isnt alive. It isnt safe oh, God, its not safe! And it isnt contained"

there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT! it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and laid with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE

SCPs 100 to 230

SCP 231

Based on the writings that 110-Montauk was based on, it could be reasonable to assume that said "Satanic Sex Cult" were actually performing the same duty as the Foundation, putting forth the techniques to hamper whatever was in 231 1-7. They saw the situation, realized what was going on and began to do what they did. Their writings could've been their way of giving a "It passes onto you now" style message as well as how to do it. Assuming this could be Fridge Horror all on its own if you consider; what did they know from the start that the Foundation didn't that led them to the conclusion.

Some of the staff who were involved in the project have taken amnestics to forget it, and false memories have been implanted. Which means that anyone could have been on the project and not even remember it, assuaged somewhat by the fact that you would've merely been a security guard or pen pusher; only really bad criminals serving life sentences are allowed to perform "Procedure 110-Montauk". Also, the use of amnestics was completely voluntary... although the sheer number of requests for those amnestics should tell you something. And they started using amnesia-inducing drugs on 231 herself; the sum total of 110-Montauk was starting to induce a form of shell shock in the victim. As a constant level of agony and terror needs to be inflicted to suppress the Eldritch Abomination, they started wiping her mind of her knowledge of Montauk. Eventually it was determined that a weekly dosing cycle was most efficient, as the 3rd to 4th time is the most mentally devastating; the first time is horrible, the second time establishes a pattern, and the third confirms that this is what the rest of your life is going to be like.

The article contains an addendum added by one of the heads of the SCP foundation specifically stating (presumably to set straight employees having second thoughts about all this) that while "Procedure 110-Montauk" is quite possibly the most horrifyingly evil thing the SCP foundation has ever been involved in, failure to carry it out will result in the End of the World as We Know It, judging by the death tolls that ensued when SCP-231-01 through SCP-231-06 gave birth. Sweet dreams.

More hidden text is on that page (font size 0, so you WILL need to use View Source or copy and paste the entire entry onto a Word document to read it). It's a poem seemingly written by one of the doctors that worked with all the SCP-231's, who has gone UTTERLY INSANE and is rambling about "seven brides for the scarlet King". Among other things, the poem suggests that SCP-231-7 is the LAST SCP-231, because when she gives birth, it will bring forth the end of time. It also implies that the procedure was terrible enough that one of the doctors shot himself in horror.

Four lines of this invisible poem are just Bible passages. Searching for those gives yet another level of disturbing: the first two (Luke 23:34, Proverbs 1:32) being reprimands against the Foundation, the third (Ezekiel 6:14) is Old Testament God boasting on how He will rain destruction, and the last (Revelation 18:21-24) is one of the angels of the Apocalypse describing how New Babylon was annihilated, finishing with a meaningful line - "In her was found the blood of prophets and of Gods holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.

Dr. Clef (the writer, not the character) said that he wanted 231-7 to be scary on a different level; rather than showing how horrifying 231 herself is, he wanted to show just how far the Foundation was willing to go in order to keep something contained. It worked a little TOO well.

SCPs 232 to 299

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