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Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Nov 27, 2019

Youth, a time when everything you do, does not affect you much, you do not repent of things, and you live the moment.

The sad thing is when you start to notice those things which gave you adrenaline generate somewhat negative emotions that you would like to avoid at all costs.

TattooingOften from 16 to 25 years, we decide to make some tattoos.

Women usually choose floral designs on hip, men some tribal on the biceps and over the years they repent.

It is logical that at that age. You have a beautiful body, well-hydrated skin and not take into account (if female) that a tattoo on her stomach does not look the same after pregnancy.

So before you get a tattoo, analyze some good design carefully and think about your future, it is supposed to be for the whole life, but can be cleared with a very long and painful process.

Start smokingWhen youre young, the most common vice that we choose are cigarettes.

We all think we are rebellious if we smoke and hide from our parents when it occurs that we comprise one.

However, when the body begins to take a toll, you cough more often, lose energy and shine of the skin, as well as reductions of the sense of taste and smell, leaving the addiction costing too much.

Smoking produces as much dependence as cocaine.

Dropping out of schoolWhen youre a guy, youre not sure of what you want to dedicate.

Sometimes seeing your parents who get so tired from work, watch them stressed, disclosed and others, it makes us doubt what we want in the future; some choose to work and study to keep that career they know that their parents cannot afford, which is also exhausting.

When this happens, leaving the university is the first option that crosses your mind. But, do not abandon the race! Let this be the last thing that you will do.

Becoming obsessed with loveThey say that first love will always be present.

But, when we speak of first love referring to the person you loved first, not your girl/boyfriend from primary school.

Maintaining a bond with a person you do not respond the same way, fight and put all energy into that person may seem a challenge that eventually will become your worst nightmare.

Lovers forget that no individual has the right to choose to suffer indiscriminately and holding on to that pain is a major obstacle to personal growth.

Others include posting themselves in their birthday suits on social media. Yall need to know that the internet doesnt forget.

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Stay warned! Choices that millennials may regret in 10 years - Mpasho Kenya

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