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A record executive who was held at gunpoint by Takeshi 69s crew during a New York robbery says he owes her everything after the attack left her jobless, suffering from depression, and on anxiety medication.

Skyy Daniels, a publicist from Texas, said she had a gun pressed to her head and stomach by members of theNine Trey Gangster Bloods crew in April last year as she left a Manhattan recording studio in a case of mistaken identity.

She managed to escape the gunmen, but was filmed fleeing by Tekashi real name Daniel Hernandez who was outside the building using his phone, and who later posted the footage online.

Daniels who is a mother and grandmother told TMZ that the attack and mockery she faced afterwards due to the video caused her to have a mental breakdown which sent her to the hospital.

Skyy Daniels, a music publicist from Texas, says Tekashi 69 owes me everything because he took everything away from me after she was held up at gunpoint by his crew in New York

In a victim impact statement, she said she was forced to flee her home state for fear that the rapper and his criminal network were following her, and quit her job because she felt unable to work.

I am unable to eat at times, unable to sleep, having nightmares, and have also been suffering from depression, she wrote, adding that she feared she would die.

In a blistering interview after the rapper was sentenced to two years as part of a plea deal, she said she is glad he will spend Christmas away from his family.

I did not want him to be able to come for Christmas, to his family, because you know where I was last year for Christmas? I was in the hospital, she said.

Tekashi was sentenced to two years in jail Wednesday after turning star witness to bring down theNine Trey Gangster Bloods crew

He owes me everything because he took everything away from me.

He owes all of us. He needs to be totally financially bankrupt and burdened like hes done [to] so many other people.

Tekashi was sentenced to two years behind bars on Wednesday in exchange for snitching on fellow gang members.

The rapper was sentenced for charges including attempted murder, racketeering and armed robbery which hepleaded guilty to in February.

As part of the plea he agreed to be a star witness for the government to take down other member of his gang, a move that has seen him both mocked and reviled.

He had been facing up to 47 years behind bars but asked to be let go for 13 months time served.

Prosecutors lauded him for helping to take down the Nine Trey bloods as fans excitedly speculated that he might walk free on Wednesday.

His own lawyers said his life would be so dangerous on the outside that he was already serving a life sentence.

But Judge Paul Engelmayer said he had to impose a longer sentence.

He sentenced him to two years with a 13 month time-served credit, meaning he will spend another 11 months behind bars, and eviscerated him for ever becoming part of the violent gang.

The rappers long lost father, who is also called Daniel Hernandez, made a surprise appearance in the courtroom and tried to take the stand but was turned down by the judge and rebuked by his famous son. His abandonment of his family when Takeshi was a kid is something he includes in his songs

The dramatic hearing included an appearance from the rappers long-lost biological father who showed up and attempted to speak before the judge refused him.

Tekashi was stunned by his fathers appearance and said he had not seen him since he was a young boy. The judge refused the man, saying: It is way too late for thatyou squandered that many years ago.

When the rapper spotted him, he said: Is this a f*****g joke, [with] everything that I go through?, according to The New York Post.

Bruce Springsteen sang about murder, he said, explaining that while it is common for musicians to sing about crime or use it as a theme in their work, it does not mean they have to join gangs.

Your choice to join Nine Trey was unnecessary. I see a lot of gangs, like a 76 defendant Bronx case. They fell in at a young age.

That excuse is not available to you. By the time you began with Nine Trey, you were a nationally famous rapper. You had a prosperous future.

Your counsel says he joined to break out of poverty. I am not buying that.

You were set, he said, adding that many of the crimes he informed on would have come to light anyway, even if he had not cooperated.

The judge listed all of his violent crimes and attempted excuses for them and said there was no way he would allow him to walk free after serving 13 months for them.

In the end my judgment is that 13 months is not enough, he said.

Hernandez and his girlfriend outside the court after the sentencing. He said he thinks his son will be murdered when he is released from prison in two years

The rapper will be on supervised release for five years once he completes his prison term.

He then has to serve 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine.

Mr Hernandez, the worst part is over. There is a great deal to be admired about you.

Youre learned a hard lesson here. I wish you very very well.

Never, ever regret your decision to cooperate, he said.

After the hearing, his father told reporters he thinks his son will be murdered.

Its a scary situation. Hes a target. Inside, nothings going to happen outside, theyre going to try to kill

Tekashis estranged father, Daniel Hernandez

Its a scary situation. Hes a target. Inside, nothings going to happen outside, theyre going to try to kill, he said, adding his sons facial tattoos make him an easy target.

Earlier, a woman who was shot in the foot by a stray bullet in a gang shooting Tekashi was involved in in July 2018, cried on the stand.

Tekashi, addressing her, said: I know that throwing my money at a situation is not the best result.

But whatever medical bills you want me to pay, I will. Im sorry that happened to you.

He said he didnt know where to begin but that he was not a bad person.

If you told me in January 2017 Id be a global star, Id call your crazy.

If in January 2018 youd tell me Id be part of a federal indictment, Id call you crazy, he said, reading from a prepared statement.

Tekashi made a prepared statement where he asked for mercy and said he was a good person who had changed. His biological father, who he has not seen since he was a child, sat in the gallery behind him

The musicians father who has not been named tried to take the stand but the judge would not allow it

Judge Paul Engelmayer said the rappers crimes were too violent for him not to serve more time

A woman named only as L.L. took the stand crying to tell how she was shot in the foot by a stray bullet during a gang shooting the rapper was involved in in July 2018

The rapper and his legal team on Wednesday during the sentencing hearing

His attorneys asked for time served with three years of supervised release and said he would disappear if he was given it.

When you get to know him, hes not a bad kid. If given a second chance by your Honor, I believe you will never see him again.

Im asking for time served and three years of supervised release, defense attorney Lazzaro said.

Judge Engelmayer rejected their pleas, saying: I cannot agree with your counsel that time served it appropriate. In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable.

You will not be going free today.For the better part of a year, you were part of a violent gang, he said, before listing some of his crimes.

You told the US Probation Department you were brainwashed by the gang. That might be partially true. But the relationship was symbiotic.

They got something out of it. But so did you, he said dramatically.

He said that while his cooperation was courageous because he is unusually recognizable, he had to serve longer.

Judge Engelmayer also said that while he appreciated the many memes the case spawned, the severity of the violence the Nine Trey gang commits is no laughing matter.

Earlier in the hearing, Assistant US Attorney Michael Longyear lauded the musician as a high profile government witness who helped take down the Godfather of the Nine Trey gang.

Tekashi is seen flashing a Nine Trey Bloods gang sign with Mack (center) and another man

Prosecutors said he would no longer be safe to roam free as he had before and that he had to abandon his family, including a baby, immediately after agreeing to work with the government.

AtWednesdays hearing, a woman named only as LL to protect her identity, cried on the stand as she told how she could have died in the July 2018 Brooklyn shooting.

I was just an innocent bystander, shot in the foot. The bullet could have hit me in my head, she said, stifling sobs.

I was just an innocent bystander, shot in the foot. The bullet could have hit me in my head,

Innocent bystander named only as L.L. who was shot in the foot by a stray bullet in a gang shooting Tekashi was involved in in July 2018

Everyday I wake up, I have scars on my back. I was out of work.

The actions took a lot of me. I still have to go to the doctors.

And for him to sit up here. I want to see him apologize.

My mother could have lost her daughter, she went on, according to Inner City Newswhich attended the hearing.

She called the musician the mastermind and said: I have bruises on me. I have to look at myself. I just want an apology. It took a lot of me to come here.

I want to face him. I want him to know, He hurt me. He hurt me!

Lazzaro tried to win the courts sympathy by saying Tekashi would make his mission to do good work and try to dissuade people from joining gangs if he was released.

Mr Hernandez sits before you today, given a second chance. The only that comes from being a gang member is a life in jail.

That will be his message, if given a second chance. He has tried to do the right thing, he said.

He went on to describe his troubled childhood and told how he went to bed hungry because his family was poor.

After his stepfather was murdered, he started working in a deli but gave every dime to his mother, Lazzaro said.

The family would go to church every Sunday and Tekashi learned to sing there, the lawyer claimed. When he failed to make money as a clean cut singer, the lawyer said, he changed his image to become a gangster.

Tekashi is seen with Ellison whose went by the nickname Harv moments before the Nine Treys got in involved in a violent brawl at the Mets ballpark on April 13, 2018

The rapper has a daughter with Sara Molina (pictured together). He says he had to abandon them and will likely never be able to live with them again. He also has a girlfriend who has a tattoo of his face on her chest

Then, after the release of his song Gummo, he became involved with the gang.

Maybe joining Nine Trey contributed to him becoming a star. But it was the worse decision he ever made. It has resulted in his imprisonment, he said.

Lazzaro added that the rapper has already been given a life sentence because he will live in fear of being murdered forever.He will always have to have full time security. This is different than the normal cooperator. Hes a target for any gang member.

Hes got a life long sentence, he said.

Wednesdays sentencingbrings an end to the long-winded legal saga that has eclipsed the young New Yorkers music career and entertained the hip hop community since he was arrested in 2018.

In November 2018, Hernandez was charged with six federal crimes including racketeering and firearms offenses.

The indictment named him and five other Nine Trey members and it outlined the gangs alleged involvement in drug sales and two shootings in New York City.

The rapper flipped against the others and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to six counts which, together, held a maximum sentence of 47 years behind bars.

He then testified at the trial of the only two who did not plead guilty and helped secure their conviction.Since then, he has been waiting his fate in jail.He pleaded with the judge to show him mercy and wrote a groveling letter last week asking for just that.

Two of his victims however wrote to the court to beg for the opposite. They said they were still traumatized by an April 2018 armed robbery he was involved in.

Tekashi had been waiting nervously in jail before Wednesdays decision and was in the dark about what sentence he would receive, sources told TMZ earlier this week.

During his testimony he described how he joined the Nine Treys to gain street credibility in exchange for a cut of his music industry earnings.

Defense lawyers attorneys for Ellison and Mack attempted to cast doubt on Tekashis damning account by suggesting it was embellished because he hopes it will earn him a break at his own sentencing, where he faces up to 47 years in prison.

The rapper was labeled a snitch on social media after reeling off the names of other stars he says were involved in the gang, including Cardi B (who denies any association with the gang) and Jim Jones.

His testimony was so unreserved it prompted many to question how safe he would be on the outside, once whatever prison term he negotiated with the government is complete.


Tekashi69 grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and dropped out of school after the 8th grade, he says to help his mother pay rent after the death of his father when he was 13.

In an interview about his childhood in 2017, he told the No Jumper podcast: My pops died in eighth grade, and I just started bugging in school. was 13. I was waiting for my pops to come back home, and he never came.

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