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Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Oct 26, 2019

Source: iOne Digital Creative / Creative Class

Name: Sheonna Mix

Occupation: Television Executive

Location: Los Angeles

How We Know Her: Sheonnas in the mix. This media maven knows all things television but especially excels at unscripted. Shes gone from the baddie behind the scenes of some of our favorite shows including The Real and Judge Mathis, to an irrefutable impresario of top TV. A beloved BOSSIP friend, she was the showrunner for the first season of BOSSIP on WE TV who brought our hilarious headlines to network television.

Why We Chose Her: As Bravos Vice President of Current Programing, the media pro is shaping pop culture, one green light at a time. If Sheonna says something is a go, its a GO. Buckle up and let Sheonna make magic, its what she does best.

Whats Next:Shes on the grind developing new showswe cant wait to watch.

IG: @MsMixxy

Sheonna Mix is an unstoppable television force with the credits to boot. This melaniny TV magic maker is a 15-year vet and currently reigns as Bravos Vice President of Current Programing. Her vast knowledge of what makes trending television work has lead to success on Jersey Shore, The Real, Tattoo Nightmares Tool Academy and more.

A Flint, Michigan native Sheonna attended college at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and graduated with honors receiving two BAs; African American Studies and Film and Video Studies.

After initially working on Telepictures Productions The Jenny Jones Show she made a positive impression and stayed in the Telepictures family, this time working on Judge Mathis. Shes an NAACP Image Award and Emmy Nominee who worked on a variety of programming from primetime to syndication including talk, court, house reality, documentaries, competition, comedy, docu-series, live stage shows, and hidden camera.

For her creative process, Sheonna credits using real-life experiences and brings them to light on the small screen. According to the creative, she doesnt say no to too many invites because a casual conversation or bad date could inspire the next big idea. She points to examples like BOSSIP on WE tv which was no different than a dinner table convo about public celebrity mishaps and Keeping Up With The Kardashians that highlights the publics unyielding desire to follow Kris Jenner and the Kardashians. Relatability is key, says Sheonna.

Thats what makes a show successful, people can relate to it. They have either already experienced it or something like it or they want to experience it.

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The Creative Class: Sheonna Mix Is Unscripted Televisions Force To Be Reckoned With - Bossip

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