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Posted in Tattoo Nightmares on Oct 30, 2019

Its quite odd that Im the one writing this article on the wildest NBA players tattoos. Im not a tattoo fan myself, and have no ink on my body. As a Generation Xer, tats werent really that prevalent as I was growing up. Look no further than the NBA no one had tattoos back in the days. Thats what helped make Dennis Rodman stand out as unique, and counter culture he was covered in ink.

But, as recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee Notorious B.I.G. once said, things done changed, and now bodies the world over are covered in artwork. Look no further than the previously mentioned NBA, where its almost impossible to find a player withouttattoos.

However, all tattoos arent created equal, and there are some rather unique ones in the NBA. Well call them the wildest ones or perhaps the most surprising ones or comical ones, or in some cases, terrifying ones.

Lets kick things off with the man who sparked my interest in covering this topic in the first place, Kelly Oubre Jr, of my beloved Phoenix Suns. Dude hasa lotof tats, but that isnt all that special.

What he has ink of is the unique thing here. Musicians Prince, Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix all are given prominent homes on Oubres leg. Nothing toocrazy here all three are icons and generally are household names. However, look at this:

Yes, thats a tattoo of horror punk band the Misfits on his leg. A band who broke up for the first time in 1983 and who never really broke out into the mainstream (at least commercially). So does a millennial, basketball playing guy from New Orleans really love the Misfits that much the he has to get massive tattoos to honor them? I need to know. Seriously.

Since Im lazy, I mean, since Im into crowdsourcing, I relied on our loyal readers to send in suggestions. Here are your favorites.

(editors note: he has since covered up this tattoo)

Yep, thats pretty wack (dont think anyone says wack anymore, so Im wack for saying it).

Kobes the worst, on so many levels. Moving on..

Thats a whole lotta emojis. When I was a boy, emojis didnt even exist. But this guy did.

That is pretty cool. Plus I dont want to get on that guys bad side.

Give Chris Andersen war, please. And while youre at it, PLAY FREE BIRD, MAN!!

Players are constantly talking about building their brand nowadays, but I dont see anyone truly committing to their brand at the level of Stephon Marbury, who put his logo on his skull

Nope, not super cool at all.

The man who famously doesnt know what consent means hopefully didnt give his to get this horrible wizard tattoo.

Told you some were terrifying. Nightmare fuel. Youre welcome.

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The Wildest Tattoos On NBA Players - The Sports Gambling Podcast

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