Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing & Cost Allentown Tattoo Removal

Posted in Tattoo Removal on Nov 01, 2018

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Having a tattoo removed, or lightened so you can have a tattoo artist put new work on you is the primary goal we have, although cost does factor into your decision to start treatments. Every tattoo and the location of the tattoo is a different situation, and adjustments in pricing may be made at the time of consultation at our discretion. Have a look at tattoo removal progress photos to get a better idea of how the process works.

Breaking the trend in laser tattoo removal pricing, GO! Tattoo Removal doesl not charge per square inch, or additional costs based on tattoo location. We do have limits on the overall size and number of tattoos per treatment because healing and aftercare are extremely important. This will be covered on a case by case basis during initial consultation.

3 treatments, 10% discount: pay $540 and save $605 treatments, 20% discount: pay $800 and save $200

But what if I have multiple tattoos I want removed? We treat every client individually, but whenever possible well treat them at the same time, for the same flat rate price.

I have my entire back / arm / leg that I want removed, is it the same price? There is a limit to what we can treat in an office visit to ensure proper healing and recovery, but we will always be honest and upfront with you from the start.

My tattoo is multiple colors, does that cost more to remove? No, we dont charge by the number of colors you have in your tattoo.

My tattoo is extremely small, how much will it cost to fade / remove? We treat every client individually and will adjust prices at our discretion.

Frequently asked laser tattoo removal questions is a great resource page weve created to help get the answers youre seeking. Were also available to discuss specific questions or help better explain the process, simply contact us.

There are no hidden costs, fees or up-charges. The only thing you will ever pay for during an office visit is the tattoo removal treatment.

We also offer a discounted rate for all branches of the American military and first responders.

Our consultations are always free. Schedule a consultation and / or your first treatment with us today!

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Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing & Cost Allentown Tattoo Removal

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