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Dr. Chavez has providedthe most advanced and effective options for tattoo removal since 2004. During that time, weve likely done tens of thousands of tattoo treatments. Several places that offer tattoo removal have popped up over the past few years but none of them have the experience and expertise at removing your tattoos as Dr. Chavez and the Clearwaves Medical Laser Group staff!*


NOT created equal (and, sadly, all people dont tell the truth!) When we first started, we bought an excellent laser that promised to remove all the colors of the rainbow. It was GREAT at blacks and reds, but, to try to remove blues and greens, it was simply inadequate. Other offices in Albuquerque still use this system, and SAY they canremove all colors with it, but, it simply isnt true. We realized early in the game that if we were going to be greatat removing as many colors as possible, we would need additional lasers. So, we bought another incredibly high quality laser, specifically for blues and greens (it also treats black ink very well, so, we have an alternative forpeople who have tattoos withstubborn black ink!) We have now upgraded, again, to the most powerful systems available to get you the fastest results possible!*



Using an FDA-approved laser, light energy is directed at the tattooed area for only seconds. The laser light breaks up the ink into countless tiny pieces. Over the next several weeks, your body eliminates the fragmented particles of ink, safely and effectively.*

You have to be careful!

As mentioned earlier, some offices will use lasers that use dye packs to try to remove blues and greens. When we first started over 10 years ago, we tried that, too. But, they were largely ineffective and virtually never gave clients adequate results (if they did, we wouldnt have bought other lasers!) And just because an office says they use a q-switched laser, doesnt mean the laser can remove your tattoo completely or effectively. Thats because*

All Q-Switched tattoo removal lasers are not the same!

There are many technical distinctions between q-switched lasers that most clients dont know to look for. For example, if an office doesnt use a 10ns (or less) true flat beam q-switched laser, they may not be able to remove your tattoo completely. This may leave you with a ghost image (some ink remaining so you can still see the tattoo), or, you may need so many treatments that it can scar you. Also, many companies are now promoting lasers with more energy. That sounds good however, there are other variables besides power to consider. For example, one of the biggest mistakes offices make in trying to remove a tattoo is to increase the power, at the expense of spot size (I dont want to get too technical, but) When they lower the spot size, the energy isnt delivered as deep, and may not even reach the ink that youre trying to get rid of!*

After about a decade of using the previous Gold Standards in tattoo removal, theMedlite C6 Q-Switched Yag (1064nm/532nm) Laser and theCandela AlexLazr Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser (755nm), we upgraded to a new system! The Astanza Trinity uses advancedtechnology, with morepower available compared to its competitors such as the Revlite laser, Picosure laser, Picoway laser, or the Enlighten laser. *

Speaking of Pico lasers, Dr. Chavezhas extensively researched the new Picosecond lasers for laser tattoo removal: Picosure, Picoway, and Enlighten. Theysound impressive (we almost bought one), but many of the before and after photos dont seem to show any better results than we can already achieve, and the side-effects (especially the changes in skin color even on light skinned individuals) made us to reconsider. And, these picosecond treatments are, generally, TWICE the cost. Our focus is speeding up your tattoo removal, without increasing the risks or the costs!*


Numerous clients come to our office after trying a place they thought would be cheaper. But, less effective lasers and less effective techniques means more treatments, more money, and more risks.*

You may email Dr. Chavez a photo ( or you can schedule a free consultation. Generally, even with large tattoos, its generally $690/treatment or less.

Package Pricing:

The average number of treatments is 6-9. After 9 treatments (same area/price), all treatments are 50% off!



If you have any Tattoo Removal questions or for more information, please email Dr. Chavez directly at: or call or text her directly at 505-888-3733.

If you would like to schedule an appointment click here.

*Individual results may vary.

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