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Posted in Tattoo Removal on Mar 19, 2018

Option 1 Ultra pulse CO2 laser (Exclusive to Laser Clinic)- the latest in effective tattoo removal. The Ultra Pulse CO2 laser is a micro surgical laser beam. This laser has a very definite and precise beam which vapourises the tissues of the skin. In treating the tattoo both the skin and ink is removed layer by layer. Due to the vapourising effect of the laser the skin beneath is left in tact (no stitches required)where no excessive bleeding occurs resulting in a quick healing and recovery time.

After the 1st session up to 30%+/- of the tattoo is removed, there will be a clear yellowish fluid( plasma) that will be evident over the scabbing the treated area should be covered with paraffin gauze when at work etc, but left open to dry out when at home. The area can be cleaned daily with a salt water solution.

Scabbing forms over the area after 2 -4 days(how quickly it forms depends on location and depth of the treatment) this scabbing then flakes off a few weeks later revealing the residual ink beneath, this process needs to be repeated 2 3 more times every 8 weeks+.

Up to 80% of a tattoo can be removed in 1 session on special request, a signed consent form will be required from the patient as the degree of scarring cannot be preempted . The residual ink can be removed a minimum of 10+ weeks later

Due to the powerful nature of the laser an anesthetic injection must be administered before the commencement of the procedure.

The Ultra Pulse CO2 laser at the Laser Clinic Canal Walk is one of a kind in South Africa and has proven to be the most effective laser in complete tattoo removal.

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Exclusively available at LASER CLINIC Canal Walk : Ultra Pulse CO2 laser Tattooremoval

Option 2:Q switchedNd: Yag ACTIVE laser:8 10 sessions are required; 6 8 week intervals between each session; BLACK INK ONLY; minimal to no scarring visible: non invasive procedure; very quick and effective. This specific ACTIVE Yag head has proven to be more intensive than the standard yag head in certain cases( age and location of tattoo) up to +/-45% of the ink is removed in 1 session with no scarring evident as it breaks up the ink without severely opening the skin.

Q switchedNd: Yag ACTIVE laser : tattoo removal 1st session

PLEASE NOTE: A tattoo is ink permanently embedded in the dermis of the skin, to remove it will mean that some form of trauma( like a laser procedure) will have to be administered to the skin in order to remove/ break up the ink. This will change the appearance of the skin cells meaning there will be some form of scar tissue and/or texture difference etc. the degree of scarring depends on the patients natural ability to heal and if the area was treated properly during the healing stage.

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Tattoo Removal Laser Skin Clinic

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