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She-Ra fans will want to get this tattoos immediately.

She-Ra first appeared in the 80s as a feminine parallel to He-Man. Today though, she has a new wave of fans and cultural relevance due to the reboot She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.Familiar characters from the 80s got freshly redesigned and a new story was created without He-man.

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With its first episode aired in 2018 and ending with five seasons in 2020, She-Rawas a major hit. It tackled huge themes like imperialism, colonialism, prejudice, and more. While those larger than life themes were always present, the show also made time for well-written LBGTQ+ representation as well as showing its audience a cast of consistently developing characters.

Due to its popularity, it is not unusual for fans to get tattoos to commemorate their love for the series.

Sword tattoos are always a cool idea for a fan of a fantasy story. Of course, She-ra's sword is a major plot element. In the reboot, Adora discovers the magic sword that can turn her to She-ra and that is what calls her to her adventure with Bow and Glimmer.

A fan got this tattoo at the Skins & Needles tattoo shop in Middlesbrough, UK. According the fans' post on Reddit, this is not their first tattoo but it is their largest one yet.

Done by Nic ter Horst Tattoos, this tattoo is of Princess Scorpia. She is voiced by Lauren Ash and is a fan favorite for many reasons. Despite her being on team bad guys (at first) as well has possessing intimidating scorpion claws and tail, she has a heart of gold. She tends to see the good in everyone and is selfless enough to put herself in danger to save others.

Other fandom tattoos the artist has done include themes from Castlevania, Sailor Moon, and Kingdom Hearts.

"Princess Prom" was one of the most popular episodes of the reboot series. Fans got to see their favorite characters dress up and go to a party. Among those characters was the anti-hero, Catra. This tattoo has her in her prom outfit, a red tuxedo to match her helmet and rebellious personality.

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This piece was tattooed by Thom Rein at Dovetail Tattoo East in Texas. Other fandom tattoos he has done include Courage the Cowardly Dog, Spirited Away, and Doctor Who.

Character designs that fans fell in love with were the future designs seen at the last season of the show. Technically, the future designs were not canon and a figment of Adora's imagination but they were beloved by fans none-the-less. This tattoo, done by Alicia Houck from Vanguard Tattoo, shows both future Adora and Catra along with She-ra's sword. The design was done by someone other than the tattooist, Rai Archambault.

Of course Catra with Adora tattoos are popular, as they become a romantic couple by the end of the show.

While some fans get just the sword, others like to make an addition of glitter and flowers. After all, She-Ra is a show with a lot of feminine aesthetic. For the tattoo artist, Gabby Maravelas, glitter and flowers are right up her alley. Her tattoos are all about pink, glitter, and cuteness.

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Besides the She-Ra reboot, a lot of other shows mix swords and flower imagery as well such as Steven Universe and the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Done by Carole Caldarelli Tattoo, this design almost looks like it could be suited for a mural or even stained glass. It is of She-Ra holding her sword downwards, and there are stars in the background.

The lack of eyes is a artistic choice that can make a character more mysterious, intimidating, and epic. Keeping the art within a diamond shape also gives it a sharp border perfect for containing a sword.

Similar to the tattoo by Carole Caldarelli, this design is a diamond shape with She-Ra holding her sword on the inside. It is different as well, notably in the amount of colors and shapes within the tattoo. In this one, She-Ra looks even more suited for a stained glass window.

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The tattoo was made by Charlotte Harris at Briar Rose Tattoos in London. Most of her tattoos are of cute animals, but she her gallery is also full of fandom pieces like this one.

Of course old-school She-Ra has not been forgotten. There are plenty of tattoos of her, if not even more so. Unlike in the reboot, she was deeply connected to He-man in the original show. In fact, she was He-man's long-lost twin sister. However, the backstories of these two Adora's are pretty similar in that they were both raised by Shadow Weaver.

This tattoo was done by Miss Quartz, whose gallery mostly consists of tattoos in the neo-traditional style.

A trending style of tattoos the embroidered or patch-style design. They look as they they are patches meant to be sewn or ironed onto fabric. This particular tattoo, made by Terioshi Otto, is of She-Ra with her sword. He specializes in these designs, and his gallery is full of patch-style tattoos.

The amount of detail is pretty amazing, making the tattoo almost look 3D.

Made by pop culture and color tattoo specialist, Sare Ush, this She-Ra sword has a pink glow, sparkles, and hearts. As an extra detail, the hearts are a little see-through as they they are bubbles.

Other tattoos Sare Ush has done include characters from Howl's Moving Castle, Overwatch, and Pokmon.

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