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Custom, high quality tattoos for every style and taste. From old school traditional to black and gray to large scale dynamic color pieces. There is an artist with every style you are looking for!

Tattooing by Leah Friesen, Lou Morgue, Kristin Bonafide, Ryan Slegel and Chris Depinto.

We also serve all your body piercing needs 7 days a week from Lou Morgue and Lenae.

Established in 2008.

This tattoo parlor delivers high-quality custom tattoos and walk-in tattoos to New Jersey clients. It was founded by Leah Friesen, a tattoo artist, classically trained in fine art @ Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts. Leah specializes in pin-ups, traditional Japanese &portrait tattoos (human and animal!). Small detail work, no problem.

Lou works in Black and Grey tattoos, and has won quite a few tattooing awards (some of which are proudly displayed on his wall). He is also known for his large dynamic color pieces, and for those of us that are gaming geeks, his 8-bit tattoos.

Kristin specializes in beautiful dynamic color pieces with an illustrative flair and art reproductions. Large scale color pieces and anything super cute.

Ryan's style is a blend of old-school, black & grey, lettering & anything from the best album covers ever... ie: Slayer & Maiden.

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Artisanal Tattoo - Somerville, NJ - Yelp

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