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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Jul 09, 2020

Since their most recent reconciliation, it has been clear that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have big plans together.

One of those plans is making Jays American dream come true. He now has his very own tattoo shop.

This week, Ashley Martson took to Instagram to make a very special announcement.

And just like that, she begins, @jay_smith_ja is a business owner!

The 90 Day Fiance alum gushes: So proud of you and all the hard work you have already put in!

But what manner of business could it be? Those of us who know Jays interests do not have to guess.

Tattoo shop on the way in York, PA! Ashley teases.

She even includes a job offering, writing: Contact either of us if you are local and are looking for a job!

Two businesses coming in August, Ashley teases.

Wait, is this one of them or does she mean that theyre launching two more projects? Is one of them that lingerie store project?

Hang on babe, Ashley concludes her excited caption, this is gonna be a wild ride!

Jay Smith also shared the good news with an Instagram post of his own.

As much as I enjoyed my time at Ego Ink with some amazing co-workers and boss, Jays caption begins.

He reveals: I have made the decision to branch off on my own!

I am so excited to announce that Jay Skinz Tattoo is coming to York, Pennsylvania, Jay announces.

He acknowledges that This process has not been easy at all.

Jay put in a lot of work, but my shop is now under a complete renovation and will hopefully open in a little over a month.

Thanks to my wife and family for supporting me in this decision, Jay writes in tribute.

It is unclear if he means financial or emotional support, but fans conclude that it is likely both.

And, Jay raves, I cant wait to see what the future holds.

I appreciate all the love and support from everyone, Jay writes.

Jay has his own very devoted fan base, like many 90 Day Fiance stars.

And, Jay says, he can not wait to begin this journey as a business owner.

I will be hiring 5 tattoo artists, Jay reveals.

So, he writes, if youre in the area and looking for a job please send me a message.

Jay concludes his post with the tags: #tattoo #jayskinztattoo #york #bossman #90dayfiance.

As we reported back in March, Ashley and Jay are really back together, and they dont seem to care if fans understand why.

After months of giving their marriage another shot, they are embarking upon business ventures together.

Whats remarkable is how very different things were for them just one year ago.

After Jays third (of four) cheating scandal, Ashley went on vacation in June of 2019 with her family.

During that time, Jay allegedly broke into her home and removed some items.

Upon her return, Ashley discovered this and sought a protective order to prevent Jay from coming near her or her home.

In early July of 2019, Jay for some reason mentioned the protective order in his Instagram Stories, violating the order and getting himself arrested.

As a result, he spent the vast majority of July of that year behind bars, in ICE custody because he is not a US citizen.

Jay was only released when his then boss the owner of Ego Ink paid thousands of his own money for Jays bail.

We should note two things:

One, cash bail criminalizes poverty in the guilty and the innocent alike, and must end if we are to have a just society.

Two, the woman running up to Jay and leaping into his arms at this moment from late July 2019 is not Ashley, but Jays then-mistress.

Ashley and Jay actually ended up getting back together after that, before Jays fourth cheating scandal included a side piece claiming to be pregnant.

She did not turn out to be pregnant, but it was enough for Ashley to beg him for a divorce.

Jay finally signed divorce papers in the final days of 2019 only to write the wrong date, invalidating the documents and putting Ashley back in square one.

Jay refusing to grant Ashley the sweet release of the divorce for which she begged and pleaded appears to have paid off well for him.

He is now a business owner, and it appears that this wont be their only venture.

But will their two other businesses be the lingerie line that Ashley teased weeks ago?

Apparently not, as Ashley revealed in the comments that she will be opening a salon and a makeup line.

We wish the best of luck to Ashley, to Jay, and to their future employees.

Tattooing is Jays passion, and we cant wait to see how this business turns out!

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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Open Tattoo Shop, Invite 90 Day Fiance Fans to Work There! - News Lagoon

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