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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Apr 27, 2019

Omg I absolutely loved the entire experience! The shop was clean and everyone was super friendly and professional!They fit me in even though I didnt have an appt! Alex is freakin awesome and she did an amazing job! I showed her a Pinterest picture and described some things I wanted to add to it and like its exactly what I wanted! I will be going back to this place for the other tatts that I want both me and my boyfriend and I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone!

MixiKat HornbackCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I just got an amazing elephant tattoo the other day by Conan. It was my first tattoo, and he blew me away with how realistic and detailed he made my tattoo. Very talented and loved the privacy and stress free environment. Thank you so much for the awesome experience, and the beautiful art I will cherish forever.

Lynette NoykosCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Cuustomer

Got my first tattoo today and Mary Jane was my artist. The staff were all really friendly and Im extremely happy with my tattoo. I will recommend them to anyone looking to get a tattoo and Ill be returning for more in the future Im sure!

Jeremy PearsonCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I went to get 2 pieces done by Mary Jane. These pieces were my first 2 tattoos ever in my life. Nervous and afraid of the pain, it was actually better than I expected! She brought my pieces to life and I love both of them! Ive received many compliments on how the tattoo resembles me, the person I am! Mary Jane was so sweet and talked to me through the entire process. I will definitely be back for more work!!

Monique Michelle FunchesCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

Conan is the type of artist you can go to with any idea or even fragment of an idea and he has the experience and the talent to make your idea a reality-no matter the style youre looking for.

Wrenn HambyCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

Everyone that works here is very personable, which makes me choose this place over any other shop in Charlotte.

Zack YarbroughCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I recommend Conan highly to anyone that is looking for a one of a kind tattoo that will last forever.

Bryce WilderCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

All the staff at Canvas are very professional, laid back and super friendly! Ill continue to recommend this place and Im looking forward to coming back for more.

Kelly MukomelaCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

I have 4 pieces from Mary Jane, all of which she helped me design and provided me with the best possible experience from start to finish.

Jessica PruitCharlotte, NC Tattoo Shop Customer

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Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery - Voted Best Tattoo Shop Charlotte NC

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