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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Nov 28, 2020

CENTREVILLE Local business owners Keith and Cheryl Edmonds are on a mission to spread peace and love. When Ink or Dye Studio (tattoos and hair-dos) opened a little over two years ago, Keith made it clear his studio wouldnt be commissioned to create hate or gang related tattoos. This fall he took it one step further offering a free cover-up to any client seeking to express a change in their heart, as well as their skin.

Everyone has a chance to change, said Edmonds, We took on this project knowing we can make a difference in the world, and will continue no matter what. Their mission to Erase the Hate isnt inexpensive though, already said Edmonds they have booked and completed dozens of cover-ups, some small, some large, and some with multiple pieces on their body. The time, and expenses of this project will be extensive and ongoing.

The first cover-up of their Erase the Hate campaign was completed Oct. 1, and the shop immediately received a strong outpouring of support and requests to help. A link was created to allow people to donate directly to the cause. Your donation will directly help change the trajectory of someones life, who has signed up for the movement. It will also help our studio maintain longevity in providing this service to anyone who wants it, said Edmonds, and 100% of all donations will cover the cost of tattoo supplies, and overhead associated with tattooing.

First to receive the complimentary cover-up was a gentleman who kindly asked if he could participate in the movement. He told Edmonds he had gotten the original Confederate tattoo as a teenager with hate in his heart. Since then, he said hed learned lessons in life and was embarrassed of the piece so much so, that he didnt own a tank top.

We replaced the original tattoo with a memorial piece for a friend who taught him music and what love really is, said Edmonds, and his daughter will never remember the old tattoo.

Edmonds and his team have covered gang symbols, more Confederate flags and in one extreme case created a black sleeve of love completely covering one mans forearm to erase the piece he no longer wanted the world to see.

We would love to see this mission spread to all the local and national shops, said the Edmonds. If you have a hate or gang tattoo, and no longer support that lifestyle, please let us know. We are all on a path, and at any time can change the trajectory of our individual story.

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Centreville shop takes on mission to 'Erase the Hate' - MyEasternShoreMD

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