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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Nov 27, 2019

The couple that goes to the Cheesecake Factory together, apparently also gets matching tattoos together or at least thats Dove Camerons case.

During an interview with Refinery 29, Dove shared the details on all of her tattoos, including the rather impromptu one she got with boyfriend Thomas Doherty. The pair has been together for some time but Dove revealed they actually got matching tattoos (and this time for real) before their relationship was even made official.

Thomas and I werent even dating yet, so it was very risqu to be getting a matching tattoo with this random guy, so good thing it worked out! We started dating a month later, Dove shared. The tattoo Dove and Thomas share is a tiny sunshine. Dove explained the significance and the nature of the ink, saying, "Its based on the lyric I know what the sunlight can be from The Light in the Piazza, which is the show I just finished at the L.A. Opera.

But the tiny sunshine wasn't Dove's only unconventional ink experience. Her first tattoo, a Capricorn symbol, was done at the age of 14, and it's a tale that you should very much not copy at home. "My best friend made friends with this guy who had a tattoo gun," Dove said. "He told us hed been practicing on oranges and was ready. Keep in mind were in 7th grade and I still had braces. She decided to do it, but then she called me from his house crying because she was scared, so I walked over."

Dove continued, saying, "She said she couldnt do it, so I said, Well, what if I go first? Ive always been a f*ck it kind of person. I got a Capricorn sign on my bikini line because I wanted something that will always be me, even when Im 85. The next morning I asked my mom if I could get a tattoo and she said, 'No, youre 14! to which I replied, What if I already got one?"

As for the remainder of her tattoos, Dove has quite a handful. Racking up 8 designs in total, the Descendants star proudly sports a Gemini symbol, an X, Matire Dtoiles ("star stuff"), the expressions Natre and Immortal ("to be born, to never die") on both her wrists, a snake, the phrase "Do It For Aphrodite" and a phrase frequently said by her father, "Candy Is Dandy."

Dove didn't divulge whether she might make another trip to the tattoo parlor again, but we're sure any tiny new ink might show up on her 'gram. For now, check out some of her already existing tattoos below.

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