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Happy Autumn everyone!

Are you excited? No?!?

Not until the Huskers kick off?

OK, Ill give you that.


(yes, I am aware that I am a few weeks early)

Yes, we can still laugh and point at the Big 12 for a bit longer.

We can also console LSU fans who show asking about a certain previous coach and watch them ignore us in the same way we ignored UConn fans when Nebraska hired Bob Diaco...

OPE. I really mean to go in a better direction than that.

On to Flakes...

Former Husker Joe Dailey credits his time at Nebraska for some of the best parts of his life | Football | omaha.comIt might sound odd, but many of the best parts about former Husker Joe Daileys life today took root during his time at Nebraska.

70 at 50: Fast Eddie Periard was one of early walk-on success stories | Huskers | columbustelegram.comMiddle guard Ed Fast Eddie Periard earned his nickname because of his tremendous speed on defense.

2021 Class Rewind: Henry LutovskyNebraska commit Henry Lutovsky was one of the early additions

Huskers Cook, Big Ten volleyball coaches pushing for 22-game season; April Final Four in Omaha looking good | Volleyball | journalstar.comThe seasons exact optics remain unclear (all-Big Ten schedule?) but John Cook and his team are feeling a huge relief about having a set start date.

Huskers Softball Plays to 9-9 Tie in Scrimmage - University of NebraskaTeam Tristen Edwards and Team Billie Andrews played to a 9-9 tie Saturday at Bowlin Stadium in the first of four intrasquad scrimmage for the Nebraska softball team this fall.

Huskers show up in CBSSports bowl projectionsThe Big Ten Conference is still a month away from starting, but the conferences schools are now being included in bowl projections across college football.

Kobe Bryant Punched A Teammate Over $100, And It Wasnt Shaq | FiveThirtyEightAn excerpt from the new book of sportswriter Jeff Pearlman.

Joe Burrow makes more NFL history in Bengals vs Eagles - Cincy JungleFor the second-straight week, Joe Burrow broke an NFL record.

Joe Montana: Hall of Fame QB, wife block attempted kidnapping of grandchild - Sports IllustratedHall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and his wife confronted a home intruder who attempted to kidnap their 9-month-old grandchild over the weekend.

I cant imagine how scary that had to be!

Paralympic blind swimmer, New York Islanders-trained guide dog team upThe New York Islanders raised Puppy with a Purpose Radar for Guide Dog Foundation. Hes now teaming up with Paralympic swimmer Anastasia Pagonis, 16, in her quest for gold.


Reeses launches big cups with pretzels because were all feeling a little bit salty in 2020 | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA | News, Weather, and SportsHERSHEY, Pa. Reeses announced Tuesday that a new version of their classic peanut butter cup will join the lineup this fall. Reeses Big Cup with Pretzels, a twist on the classic cup thats bigger, saltier and packed with delicious pretzels, will be available in November, the company said in a news release. Reeses Big []

RV-size asteroid to get closer to Earth than the moon | Live ScienceOn Thursday, asteroid 2020 SW will be about two Earths away.

Cheeto Dust Finger Covers | Mental FlossWith these silicone finger covers, diving into a bag of Cheetos doesn't have to leave your hands coated in orange cheese dust.

The world needed the Cheeto finger cover

50 Bartenders And Liquor Store Employees Share Their Funniest Stories Of Teenagers Trying To Buy Booze | Bored PandaSome arent funny, but there are a few classics...

How our memories may be altered by income inequalityResearch on how the brain processes memories suggests that people who can afford more novel experiences will recall having lived for a longer time on Earth.

Will remote working lead to longterm travel opportunitiesAs the pandemic drags on, remote workers see unexpected opportunities to become digital nomads.

The History of the Rubik's Cube | Innovation | Smithsonian MagazineNearly half a century after its humble invention, the cube continues to be a global sensation. Whats the secret?

Food History: The History of Beer | Mental FlossFrom Ancient Egypt to the Super Bowl, beer has played an important role in human history for millennia.

'Holy grail' or epic hoax? Australian Kelly Cahill's UFO abduction story still stirs passions - ABC NewsIt has the classic "alien abduction" elements strange lights, red-eyed beings, lost time, inexplicable wounds plus witnesses. But the excitement that greeted this 1993 "encounter" has turned to disappointment.

I should have seen the robot angle sooner...

The 60-Foot Gundam Robot Has Now Entered Testing Mode | IFLScienceEarlier this year, the 60 foot Gundam robot took its first steps. Now its entered its testing phase.

Curly the curling robot throws stones like a pro | TechCrunchRobots have shown themselves to excel at any number of sports and activities, though they do best when they have a single task. Fortunately some sports, such as curling, consist mostly of one task, and Korean researchers have made a robot that throws the stone well enough to compete at a national level. If youve []

Anuses can have teeth, farts can be weapons, butts can be homes: an interview with a farts expertZoologist and butt book author Dani Rabaiotti on the worst fart she ever smelled and what new fart research shed like to see...


Mystical Urge To Get Weird Tattoo Pays Off As Shes Presented With The Exact Item Years Later By StrangersAuto mechanic Emily DelFavero got a fish chair tattoo. Then a group of women united her with the surreal chair she saw years ago.

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