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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Dec 21, 2019

LifeServe in Ames will host two themed blood drives on Christmas Eve and Jan. 2 in efforts to boost blood donations over the holidays.

This is a hard time of year for us which is why we intentionally put the events around Christmas and New Years, LifeServe public relations Danielle West said. Were closed on Christmas Day and were closed on New Years Day, so thats a lot of donations that were not getting (by) not being open those days.

Were trying to make up for the holiday and after the holiday to make sure we have enough blood for those hospitals.

According to West, LifeServe is the sole blood supplier for Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Its kind of a perfect storm, West said regarding the need for a higher blood supply around the holidays. There could always be a higher need because of people traveling and there might be more accidents happening, but theres also a decrease in donors because people are busy.

This year, LifeServe is partnering with iHeart Radio to host the iHeart Saving Lives Christmas Eve Blood Drive on Dec. 24, in addition to hosting the first Inkmas on Jan. 2.

Donors who attend the Dec. 24 blood drive will receive a tote bag and they also get a long sleeve blood donor t-shirt, according to West.

Its just a fun blood drive, West said. We try to do these types of blood drives around the Holiday specifically trying to get more people to come in the door and hopefully (get) some potential new donors who have never tried it before.

To kick off the new year, the first Inkmas blood drive is set for Jan. 2 and is additional co-hosted by the Asylum Tattoo shop in Ames. The partnership comes as a way to combat misconceptions that donors with tattoos are unable to donate blood.

Tattoos definitely dont affect donation, West said. If (donors) have gotten a tattoo in a specific facility, they can come in and donate that day; theres no longer a waiting period for piercings, tattoos, as long as its in a licensed facility.

During the Inkmas event, those who attend Jan 2, 3, or 4 will get entered to win a gift card at the Asylum Tattoo shop.

Its the season of giving, and if you cant give monetarily, this is a great way to give back, West said. Each donation impacts the lives of multiple individuals in our (communities).

For those who have never donated before, West suggests donors eat a good meal before and drink a lot of water prior to the donating. During the registration process, donors are asked to bring in a form of identification and will also fill out a short history questionnaire, West said, which can be filled out online prior to the visit.

Prior to donating, donors also receive a mini-physical, West said, which includes checking blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and iron levels.

We remind people that (donating) is the shortest time frame of your donation, West said. Really theyre only in the chair giving the donation for five to 10 minutes.

To participate, donors must be at least sixteen and will need a parental consent, West said. For donors 18 and older, the weight requirement is 120 pounds.

Really other than that, youre eligible and we would love to have them come in if theyre a first time donor or theyve donated before, West said. These are fun blood drives around the holidays and we have some great incentives and gifts for people taking time to (donate) around the holidays.

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