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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Aug 24, 2017

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) Just how daring are you? Thats what a local tattoo shop wants to know and theyre offering a great deal for those who are brave enough.

At Heritage Tattoo your fate could lie inside their gumball machine.

For just $50.50 you can get a brand new tattoo. The catch? The tattoo isnt chosen by you, but by chance.

A lot of it is to meet new people. To meet new cliental that might be interested in our style, Matthew Taylor, Heritage Tattoo artist, said.

The owner and artist at Heritage Tattoo said his shop is the first in Albuquerque to do something like this.

He also said everything in the gumball machine more than a dozen designs were sketched by a local artist.

This concept is similar to what a Dallas tattoo shop is doing. Its kind of getting popular now in tattooing in general. A lot of shops in other states are doing it, Taylor said.

The artists at Heritage Tattoo also said they have received a lot of calls about this special. I think its a great idea. I dont see any other tattoo artist doing anything special promotional outside of just being tattoo artists, one customer said.

Although Danger Varouz likes the whole idea, he wasnt daring enough to get one of those tattoos Tuesday. He said getting a tattoo is a big decision.

Think about it real hard, Varouz said.

He said maybe one day, though, hell walk up to that gumball machine and play a game of chance.

I think that $50 package is for people who love ink, honestly. I think its for people who love ink and get ink all the time. Cant get enough ink, Varouz said.

The shop said the tattoos in the gumball machine would normally sell for between $100 to $200.

As of right now theowner of Heritage Tattoo shop said the gumball machine special is indefinite.

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Local tattoo shop offers unique chance for some ink | KRQE News 13 - KRQE News 13

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