Man Suspected of Robbery at Kay Jewelers in Target Shopping Center Is Arrested in Glare of Various Lenses –

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Tyrone D. Hunter, a 30-year-old resident of West 5th Street in St. Augustine, is facing a third-degree felony charge of robbery by snatching following the report of a theft of a $7,900 gold chain from Kay Jewelers in the Target shopping center in Palm Coast Tuesday (Oct. 6).

Hunters arrest is the sheriffs offices latest based in large part on technological investigative meanssurveillance video, license plate readers, the sheriffs Real Time Crime Center, and the dot-connecting of the elements and eyewitness accounts by a detective.

Hunter allegedly came into the store and asked store clerks about a gold chain and cross. The specific item he asked about wasnt available. Clerks gave him a store catalogue to browse. Both store clerks described the man as extremely shaky during the encounter. After returning the catalogue, he looked at a case containing necklaces, asking about two of them in particular. One of the clerks took it out to show him. He asked to try it on. He was denied because of Covid rules, now common throughout the retail industry.

The man then suddenly snatched the chain and display from the store clerks hands and ran out of the store. Hed gone in at 3:18 p.m., ran out seven minutes later, according to surveillance footage that helped identify him.

The theft was quickly reported to the sheriffs office, whose deputies took up positions in the shopping center and gathered eyewitness accounts about a Black man of slim build, wearing a white shirt with the word Chief on its front, neon yellow face covering, and a tattoo of cursive lettering above the eyebrows. A witness reported seeing the man run out of the jewelry store and soon after a red or maroon truck speeding out of the lot. Surveillance footage from Target linked the man whod run out of Kay Jewelers to the man whod gotten out of and back into the truck.

The alleged thief got away that day. The next day a detective worked with sheriffs crime analyst Nikki North (at the agencys Real Trime Crime Center), who confirmed the tag number of the truck. A store clerk told detective Joseph Costello, who worked the case, that the same man was allegedly seen at a Kay Jewelers in St. Augustine the same day of the theft, just before 2 p.m. From there, the detective traced the trucks trajectory through license plate readers, which placed it in St. Johns around the time the man was seen at the St. Augustine store, near Target in Palm Coast at 3:29 p.m., and back in St. Johns just before 4 p.m.

Working with the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office, Costello then traced the trucks ownership to Hunters father, meeting him and his wife at his home. They stated their son Tyrone Hunter uses the red Nissan truck and resides in St. Augustine, the arrest report states. Hunters father provided Costello with Tyrone Hunters phone number, and informed him a GPS device monitored the trucks locations. When Costello spoke with Hunter, Hunter claimed he was set up by a friend, to whom hed lent the truck the day of the theft. But employees at Kay Jewelers positively identified Hunter from a photo array.

Putnam County Sheriffs deputies working with Costello located Hunter in Putnam and arrested him. He is at the Putnam jail, awaiting extradition. He has a long arrest record in Putnam dating back to 2009, much of it on burglary charges. In 2012 he was sentenced to four years in prison on a half dozen charges, four of them burglary charges, and was released at the end of 2014.

This is a great example of how technology-led policing and good old fashion police work solve crimes, Sheriff Rick Staly said. This guy thought he could come into Flagler County and commit a robbery and get away with it. But thanks to the excellent work of our crime analysts and detectives we secured a warrant for his arrest.

Kay Jewelers was the target of a robbery in August 2018 and, previously, in 2010. Tyrone Walker was arrested in the 2018 robbery. His case is still ongoing: he was to be arraigned in July, but failed to appear.

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Man Suspected of Robbery at Kay Jewelers in Target Shopping Center Is Arrested in Glare of Various Lenses -

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