Mum’s abusive ex forced her to get ‘property of AJ Wharton’ tattoo and nine other inkings of his name in 6-year hell – Brinkwire

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Aug 29, 2020

A BRAVE mum has told of how her abusive ex forced her to get NINE tattoos of his name including one inking which says property of AJ Wharton.

Aaron James Wharton, 31, subjected 32-year-old Nicola Frost to a campaign of horrific domestic abuse during a six-year ordeal.

During one attack, Nicola was left battered and bruised after she was punched, kicked and strangled as Wharton held a blade to her face.

And the thug would control every element of his girlfriends life including forcing her to ask for permission to go to the shops.

He also made her get several tattoos of his name so nobody else would touch her because she was his property.

Now Nicola has bravely spoken out about her horrific experience after Wharton was jailed for 21 months by a judge at Northampton Crown Court.

The vile bully, of Rosedale Road, Northampton, was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm in relation to the attack in the early hours of February 2, 2019.

He was also handed a 10-year restraining order banning him contacting his former partner.

Mum-of-five Nicola said: The first year was perfect.

He treated me like a princess. But the next five years were a living hell.

Wharton kept Nicola away from her family and friends and if she called loved ones, she said he would smash her phone.

He could control everything where I went and who I would speak to. He would take my bank card off me, she said.

My problem was I thought I had no one, because he made me believe I only had him.

He made me get tattoos of his name on me.

One was just above my bum and said: Property of AJ Wharton.

Nicola finally found the courage to split with Wharton, with whom she shares two children, in June 2018 and he then proposed in a bid to win her back.

He is a predator and very clever, he knows what he is doing, she said.

I didnt fall for it and we stayed separated.

But in February 2019, Wharton flew into a drunken rage following a night out.

He knocked at my door at 3am he looked upset so I let him in. I regret doing so to this day, she said.

He punched me in the face within minutes. He put a knife to my face and cut my cheek. It was like he was possessed.

He was angry I was getting on with my life and he couldnt let go. He was saying I was his property.

Wharton battered Nicola while their children screamed upstairs before finally falling asleep.

He was drunk, and if he hadnt fallen asleep, I dont think Id be here today, she said.

Nicola has hit out at the disgusting sentence handed down by the courts and said theres no amount of time long enough to make up for the abuse.

There are so many people in abusive relationships who cant speak out.

Now I can, I am trying to help someone else by doing so, she said.

Mum's abusive ex forced her to get 'property of AJ Wharton' tattoo and nine other inkings of his name in 6-year hell - Brinkwire

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