Muskegon-area woman gets tatted at 103 years old – ABC27

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Aug 14, 2020

HOLTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) Dorothy Jo Pollack isnt the average 103-year-old woman.

She sunbathes inside her brown picket fence, shops with her granddaughter and recently got tatted.

When I showed it to my grandson, he said, I cant believe you did that!' Pollack said.

Pollack said she never imagined shed get a tattoo at 103. She garnered national attention after CNN shared her story.

Of all the ink she could get on her body, Pollack chose a frog. Its her favorite animal.

I didnt pull my arm back or anything, Pollack said. I just let him do what he had to do.

Beyond Pollacks contagious personality, tattoo artist, Ray Reasoner, of AWOL Custom Tattooing, LLC in Muskegon, said hell remember her for her grateful spirit.

Its hard to explain or put it into words, but you can look into somebodys eyes and theres a depth of joy versus surface happiness, Reasoner said. Thats going to stick with me forever.

The tattoo is just as permanent as the great impression Pollack left on her artist.

He was very careful, too, Pollack said.

Until they meet again, she said she gives him her stamp of approval.

Im happy with what I got, Pollack said.

Pollack told News 8 she is considering getting another tattoo in the fall.

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Muskegon-area woman gets tatted at 103 years old - ABC27

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