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Whats better than making your film debut in a major studio movie from Steven Spielberg right after graduating high school?

Being recognized by one of your greatest inspirations.

A single tweet achieved just that, sending Rachel Zegler into a giddy spurt of pure joy.

The tweet, posted from the official Star Wars account on Tuesday, was directed at Zegler, 18, the New Jersey star of Spielbergs upcoming 2020 version of West Side Story. The alumna of Lodis Immaculate Conception High School plays Maria in the adaptation of the classic musical.

In the tweet, Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac held up a sign. What was on the sign? A tweet ... from Rachel Zegler.

Zegler, a singer and actress, lives in Clifton and wrapped West Side Story in September after filming this past summer in Paterson (the film is out on Dec. 18, 2020). Shes a huge fan of Isaac. So it follows that her tweet read as follows:

"i havent tweeted this in a while but

oscar isaac."

That tweet, posted on Nov. 10, made it into the hands of the Star Wars social media team, who posted the photo of Isaac, 40, holding the tweet while quote-tweeting Zeglers original tweet.

But that wasnt all. There was also a message for Zegler from the man himself.

Huge fan of yours! -OI."

WHAT, Zegler tweeted, spying the post.

Ive been staring at this for hours now," she said in another tweet.

Ive got money on him only knowing me from the Shallow video, Zegler said, referring to her 2018 rendition of the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper song that went viral shortly before her part in West Side Story" was announced.

This development was perhaps enabled by the fact that Disney is the parent company behind West Side Story and Star Wars, but Zegler had no time for qualifiers in light of absolute elation.

The teen actress proceeded to share the stages of her reaction to the unexpected shoutout.

Zegler quote-tweeted the Star Wars post and shared her own Instagram reply about Isaac, who plays Poe Dameron, a pilot for the Resistance in the movie franchise, including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX), due out on Dec. 20:

Just wanna say that this man made me want to be an actor in 2013 with his insanely amazing performance in Inside Llewyn Davis inspired me as a musician and performer and made me want to capture the essence of the human experience.

"To hear those words from this incredible man? The most incredible moment of my life thus far, I think. Our accomplishments arent possible without those who came before us. So hey, I am a huge fan (and was a huge fan first), and thats why all of this came to be. Thank you.

Also the MOVES he has made as a prominent Latino actor, Zegler said in a follow-up tweet. Forever grateful. The actress is of Colombian heritage, and Isaac is of Guatemalan and Cuban heritage.

She followed that up with a video of her reacting to the Isaac tweet with a happy cry.

Got a tattoo its still healing tho, Zegler tweeted, posting photos of herself featuring Isaac in miniature, plastered on her forehead, holding her tweet.

This is basically the video of Jennifer Garner receiving a phone call from Julie Andrews," she said on Instagram, where she shared evidence of the watershed moment.

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Oscar Isaac held up a tweet and made Rachel Zeglers life ... for the second time - NJ.com

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