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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Sep 19, 2020


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Andrew King and his team designed some innovative Covid-protective gear for the whole family.

The protective shirt can be worn as an outer garment or as a vest. There is even a range of fleece tops for when temperatures drop.

Kings creative spark lit up when masks became compulsory for all South Africans. With concerns around the comfort of most masks, King and his team set about finding a solution for both young and old.

Prices range from R420 for kids short sleeve top to R650 for an adults fleece jacket.

According to King: The Pure Air product has an ISO14664 certified filter that can be optionally inserted into the neck of the high-quality, medium weight, cotton top.

The neck of the garment can be pulled up over the mouth or down the chest without becoming a hindrance.

King says: The shirts have a lot of potential in the sporting world because of their convenience, comfort, and endless branding opportunities.

There has also been international interest in the product.

Much of our time and resource has been focused on product research and testing. There is potential interest within the UK market and the product in the process of review.

King explains that its not all about selling the protective gear. He says: Weve been able to support a few high-risk parts of our community such as the SOS Edenvale security team, the kids of Little Eden and the Primary School Roxser Academy.

With Kings protective apparel, forgetting a mask when going out is one less thing to worry about.

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Tattoo shop owner develops Covid-19 protective apparel for the whole family - All4Women

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