Tattoos, Rock Climbing, and Red Carpets: 24 Hours with Dove Cameron – Vogue

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Dec 21, 2019

Dove Cameron needs to start each morning with a zen moment of contemplation because the life of this actress and singer is always frenzied. With a role in Disneys mega-hit musical The Descendants, an upcoming solo album, and a wealth of projects, she is constantly juggling professional obligationsyet she still finds time to enjoy the things that matter to her outside of her busy career. Whether thats a stop at Los Angeless Ten Thousand Waves tattoo parlor to get inked in honor of her anti-gun violence initiatives or indulging in her latest obsession (rock climbing), the multi-tasking star has managed to find a balance between her public and private lives.

After hitting the recording studio to put the finishing touches on a few new tracks, Cameron had to get ready for the Lancme and Vogue holiday bash at Raspoutine in WeHo, a process that almost halted when she got locked out of her house. Everyone forgets their keys on occasion, but most of us arent rushing to a Hollywood party when were unlucky enough to do so. Rescued by her boyfriend Thomas Doherty, who rushed over his set of keys, the mini-emergency was just one more surprise during an eventful afternoon. I love that so many things happened today that werent on the schedule; its a very eventful day in the life! quipped Cameron. We had a call with my manager, the paparazzi showed up, [and] I got locked out of my f-ing house!

The days final occasion demanded a stunning white gown from Aadnevik and prep with her beauty squad, including the hairstylist Glen Coco and makeup artist Melissa Hernandez. Getting glammed up, Cameron acknowledges, is all part of the job. The more glam you do, the less you really even notice that its happening, she says. Its kind of like playing dress-up. I think its more fun to get glam once you start experimenting and doing stuff youve never done. Transformed from the girl next door into modern movie star within moments, Cameron ended her day by hitting the red carpet like a pro.

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Tattoos, Rock Climbing, and Red Carpets: 24 Hours with Dove Cameron - Vogue

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