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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Nov 26, 2019

Hertfordshire is home to some of the best female tattoo artists in the country.

Women working at tattoo parlours and private studios from Watford to Hitchin are at the top of their game, designing everything from large-scale back tats to small, dainty patterns.

Guys and girls looking to get their own pieces done - or even those who are just curious about what is on offer - have the perfect chance to browse through their favourite artists on Instagram.

The photo-sharing social platform is a great place to increase exposure for up-and-coming artists, as well as to display work for anyone in the business.

Here are the top ten female body art Instagram accounts to follow in the county:

If floral or Disney tattoos are your thing, look no further than Rachel Halsey from the Crooked Rook in Hemel Hempstead.

Rachel has been tattooing since 2011 and she has nearly 14,000 Instagram followers.

You can follow her here.

From full leg sleeve to smaller, highly-detailed designs, Elle Walkley is a hugely talented tattooist based at Panic Ink in Hitchin.

She is sponsored by Bam Balm tattoo aftercare, and her work includes black-and-white realistic animal designs, film and TV stars and more creative pieces as well.

You can follow herhere.

Demi has been tattooing for two years, specialising in traditional, illustration and black/dotwork designs.

Growing up in a family of artists, she originally painted and drew realistic portraits, before moving to Parlour No.95 in Watford in 2017, beginning her tattooing career.

You can follow her here.

Laurel is a great tattooist based at Churchyard Tattoo Studio in Hitchin.

Her colourful designs range from Japanese-influenced pieces to the Millennium Falcon, and her Instagram account has nearly 20,000 followers.

You can follow her here.

Blackwork flowers and neotraditional are Emilia's favoured tattoo styles, enjoying the latter due to the freedom to experiment with colour.

She began working in the tattoo industry in 2015, before she joined Parlour No.95 in Watford in 2017.

You can follow her here.

Lora is a 'space elf' and singer of Unquiet Dead, an electro gothic hybrid rock duo.

She also tattoos at a private studio in Hitchin, Polaris, with a variety of her work shown on Instagram.

You can follow her here.

Another talented artist from Panic Ink in Hitchin, Hannah's designs are intricate and detailed.

She specialises in black and white pieces, ranging from small patterns to larger sleeves.

You can follow her here.

Kristina is a tattooist at the tattoo and piercing studio Phat Tatz in Cheshunt.

Her gorgeous designs range from photo-realistic depictions of pets and babies to colourful skull and fantasy pieces.

You can follow Phat Tatz here.

Only available via appointment at her private studio, Hertfordshire-based Sarah Martinez Schor has 37,200 followers on Instagram.

Her work features religious imagery, complex, large designs as well as smaller custom pieces.

You can follow her here.

Last but by no means least, Megan Anne is the third Panic Ink artist on our list.

Megan tattoos everything from petite flowers to larger designs including traditional style in colour as well as black and white.

You can follow her here.

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The top 10 female tattooists in Hertfordshire you should follow on Instagram - Hertfordshire Mercury

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