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Texas is one of the most beautiful states within the US, and a very large one a that. So finding a tattoo shop is not difficult to say the least. However, within the vast amount parlourslocated in every corner of the state, some of the most highest rated and reviewed tattoo shops lie inside the great state of Texas. Were here today to bring attention to these selected tattoo shops and the world class artists that reside within the walls of eachshop. Its not an easy task to complete when selecting these shops that appear on our list. The way we select the shops, is by taking into consideration the amount of Reviews with the overall Rating. The Reviews and Ratings can be obtained through each shops Google Business listing. with that being said, we bring to you the 5 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Texas. These shops have help excellent customer reviews and ratings. Most of the these shops listed below have a perfect 5 star rating, this is not easy to do. Its nearly impossible to make every single client happy, but these top 5 shops have managed to not only find a way, but have been able to maintain it out of the 100+ shops throughout the state. So if we still have your attention, I present you the the 5 highest rated tattoo shops in the state of Texas.

#1 Twisted Tattoo

Twisted Tattoo Texas

Twisted Tattoo is located inSan Antonio comes in at the #1 spot for the most Reviewed and Highest Rated tattoo shop in Texas. This duo, James and Denise have managed maintain one of the most tattoo shops in all of Texas. Which is really interesting consider, James is the sole tattooer, and Denise the sole piericer of the Twisted Tattoo. Most shops tend to have a few artists and couple piercers, but not these twothey are doing just fine n their own. Another interesting aspect of Twisted Tattoo, is that they openly offer Military Discounts. While many shops do this, these guys make it publicly known. This has a huge effect on the outcome of many satisfied clients. But dont let their discounts and deals fool you. The creativity that is within the walls of Twisted Tattoo, is another reason why they are the #1 on the countdown of the 5 highest rated shops in Texas.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 134

#2 Artistic Impressions Tattoo & Piercing Gallery

Artistic Impressions in Texas

If you want to stand out from most folks with tattoos, I recommend visiting the #2 highest rated tattoo shop in Texas, Artistic Impressions. These guys can put out some serious artwork. In fact, if youre wanting to get a clean custom piece these guys are exactly who you would want to see. With 6 artists ( Spiro, BB, Xavier, Gideon, Henry & Andrew), and Piercing Artist Jay, you have plenty of options and styles to choose from. Each artist has a particular style, but all the artists are exceptionally great. Located in Katy, Texas, Artistic Impressions is open 7 days a week and will accept both Walk-Ins and Appointments.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 83

#3 J. Hall & Co. Gentleman Tattooers

J Hall And Co Gentleman Tattooers Texas

One of my personal favorites on the list, J. Hall & Co Gentleman Tattooers located in Dallas, Texas holds the 3rd spot for the highest rated and reviewed tattoo shop in the state. Owner and Artists, Josh Hall is an excellent well rounded American Traditional Tattooer and strives to provide clients with OOAK (One of a Kind) custom works of art. Along with fellow artist Pappy McCall, these guys are open 6 days a week, closed on Monday. The shop accepts both walk-ins (if available) and appointments. Come visit J. Hall & Co Gentleman Tattooers if youre in the Dallas area, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 72

#4 Tom Fooleries Tattoo

Tom Fooleries Tattoo Shop Texas

Located down in El Paso, youll find a shop that not only offer up great looking tattoos but a very energetic crew. Shop owner Myongki, open the doors to Tom Fooleries in 2008 and have been satisfying clients ever since. Often visiting Tattoo Conventions within the state and surrounding area, these guys are open 7 days a week. Both Myongki and Alex can create anything you have you in mind. The shop accepts both walk-ins and appointments. With the amount of reviews and the solid 5 Star rating, its no wonder these guys come in as the 4th best tattoo shop in the state of Texas.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 66

#5 Stainless Studio

Stainless Studio Tattoo Shop Texas

If youre in the Dallas area and looking to get world class quality ink, you should definitely visit the crew at Stainless Studios. The shop has been around since 2009 and has managed to gather a large and loyal clientele list. With owner/artist Rob and artists Rob Smith & Wolf, you can visit these guys 7 days a week. They have a friendly and clean environment for both the new and veteran tattoo collectors. You can catch them not only creating awesome tattoos but professionally removing tattoos. This is why they are the #5 highest & reviewed tattoo shop in the entire state.

Rating: 5 StarReviews: 64

If any shop owners of these listings would like to update their photos or shop info, please feel free email us at [emailprotected]

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Top 5 Highest Rated Tattoo Shops in Texas | Tattoo Shop Finder

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