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Posted in Tattoo Shop on Aug 29, 2020

The world is changing and quickly too. As I get closer to my 80s, I cant keep up.

Have you noticed, phone booths are nowhere to be found. They have been replaced with itty bitty phones we can stuff in our pockets.

Everyone, wanting to be different, is becoming more the same as they race to cover their bodies with tattoos.

Folks, not satisfied with the number of body holes they were born with, are drilling new holes into their bodies to hang metal objects from, which makes it increasingly difficult to pass through the airports metal detector.

These are only a few of the changes. Did I mention the blue hair craze?

It had to happen eventually. I, for one, cannot believe it. Borrowing an old idea, Starbucks has come out with what is certain to become the latest popular craze. It may not replace the blue hair craze, but I am confident customers will be clamoring to be first to get in on this hip action. Check out the sign displayed on a Starbucks coffee shop window.

As the sign plainly states, you can order a head and pay for it with the Starbucks app.

One caution. Do not order a head in the state of Idaho. Ordering a head violates the cannibalism law in Idaho. None of the other 49 states have specific cannibalism laws to make ordering a head illegal.

You have to admit, the window sign helps prove I did not make this up.

Hey, wait just a minute. I wonder if I got the sign all wrong. Maybe I read too much into the the sign, order a head. Yea, I wonder if Starbucks is getting into toilet sales.

Another distinct possibility is Starbucks is bringing back a new and improved pay toilet which customers can reserve by ordering a head. You do not need to carry change for the pay toilet because you can pay with your Starbucks app.

It certainly is a sign of the times.


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Westside Story A Sign of the Times - The Suburban Times

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