What happened to Tiffany Perez after Black Ink Crew? – Nicki Swift

Posted in Tattoo Shop on Dec 14, 2019

When we met Tiffany Perez onBlack Ink Crew,we got a taste for both her fierce attitude and her dedication to her work. In 2018, she went on to star in and make waves on MTV'sHow Far is Tattoo Far?,a show in which former friends and frenemies got each other inked with revenge tattoos.Perhaps her most infamous project on the show was a piece called "Stank C**chie," which she inked on one of two girls who dated, but probably never will again based what we're about to describe. The tattoo (shown above), which Perez placed on the woman's inner thigh, depicted a smelly trash can with someone holding his nose next to it. Subtle, no?

Perez received instant backlash about the tattoo, with show host Snooki even saying during the moment of its reveal, "Girl, Ithink it's [expletive] up."According toVH1,Perez stood by her work, saying, "I'm just the tattoo artist. I didn't pick the design, I didn't pick the idea, I'm just doing it." Doesn't sound like she much enjoyed doing inking that particular tat. She went on to tattoo Snooki's face on a friend of Snooki's, with the words, "Where's the Beach?'

Thankfully, aside from the controversies that swirled around her reality TV appearances, Perez has still managed to keep her own tattoo business successful and enjoy many of the other perks that come with being a successful entrepreneur.

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What happened to Tiffany Perez after Black Ink Crew? - Nicki Swift

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