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Posted in Tattoo Training on Nov 30, 2021

Hafthor Bjornsson has travelled to Scotland for his training camp ahead of his fight with Eddie Hall.

The two look set to settle their rivalry next year when the former Worlds Strongest Men clash in the ring.

It was due to be in September before Hall suffered a detached bicep, forcing the battle to be delayed by a few months.

Thor has stepped up his preparation and is in Scotland with trainer Billy Nelson to ramp everything up a notch.

Giving an update on YouTube, Thor said: Hey guys, I hope you are all doing great. Today is Monday and today we spar. This is my first sparring session since I arrived in Scotland.

Im in Scotland now for my training camp for my next fight. Everything is going well, Im feeling healthy and strong. Improving with each and every session.

Im with my dad in Scotland, hes here helping me with my diet and everything else.

Reign Total Body Fuel

Super helpful my dad is also a chef. A great, great chef. When youre on a meal plan, it is important you eat good quality food.

Every day Im eating very nice food. He meal preps in the morning so I have all my meals ready wherever I am.

We usually go to the gym, I then eat my second meal and I like to have my meals with me just in case we are doing something and not going back home. So theres never a reason to cheat.

Hall, meanwhile, is also back to his best and showed off his power in his latest Instagram video.


In a video of him hitting the pads, The Beast said: Little pad work today taking a break from sparring My left arm is back to full strength and some

Nice to see all the hard work Ive been doing on explosive power come to fruition.

Feeling super confident and cant wait for a date for the fight?!@coresportsworld

Thor get your tattoo artist ready boy.

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Hafthor Bjornsson in Scotland for training camp as Eddie Hall shows off explosive power and tells Thor... - talkSPORT.com

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