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Imagine an Indian cricketer of the 90's, such as a Kapil Dev or a Sachin Tendulkar with a tattoo - it would have been as weird as spotting a unicorn. However, over the years, Indian cricketers have shown their love of getting inked and they proudly flaunt their tattoos that sync in perfectly with the type of personality that they are.

A number of Indian players like to mark significant moments in their lives, their zodiac and other important manifestations on their skin and this has now become a norm, more than an exception.

Virat Kohli

The Indian captain has led the way as far as turning the side around when it comes to fitness. He also loves to flaunt his tattoos and there are a number of unique impressions all over this body.

There is a collection of 11 tattoos on his body that express his zodiac, his parents names, his ODI number, his Test cap number, a monastery, Lord Shiva among several other things.

One of the most important players in Indian cricket currently, Ravindra Jadeja loves to lead a lavish life and he is quite proud to flaunt them all. He had a dragon tattoo when he started his career. Then he got a tattoo of his famous nickname Jaddu.

There is a tattoo on his back which has a flower kind of design. He loves his horses and he also has a horse tattoo on his forearm.

The Indian captain for the Sri Lanka tour is quite a tattoo lover. On his right arm, Shikhar Dhawan has inked Indian mythology characters Arjuna and Lord Shiva.

There is a "Carpe Diem" tattoo that has been inked on the back of his left biceps. "Carpe Diem" means to seize the day and he wants to give the message to make the most of the present.

There is a tattoo of an empty tree with a bird in it on his left calf that grabs the attention of the crowd around.

One of the most versatile players in the Indian cricket team, KL Rahul has a number of different tattoos. On his left forearm, there is a lighthouse tattoo, which serves as a memory of his childhood home by the beach in Mangaluru.

His parents names have been inked on his wrists (Rajeshwari on the left wrist and Lokesh on the right wrist). There is also an open eye on his left bicep which signifies that his grandparents are watching him closely.

He has also inked his Test cap number in Roman numerals (284) across the right side of his torso. Finally, there is XI (11), which was his first jersey number for the Indian team.

A colorful character, Hardik likes to live his life loud and his tattoos are only a reflection of his personality. There is a tattoo with the word Believe on his left arm and Live to succeed or die trying on his left arm biceps.

The inner side of his right arm has a fighter carrying a sword tattoo that is complimented with the phrase never give up. On his left shoulder, the all-rounder has a tattoo of a tiger.

He has also added paws on his right neck (showing love to his two dogs). There is a peace symbol on his left neck as well.

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