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Posted in Tattoo Training on Oct 08, 2021


You'll start your tattoo removal experience by coming in for a free consultation with one of our specialists. There, they will assess your tattoo's location, depth, density and color to predict approximately how many treatments are expected for your tattoo to fade or be removed.


At the beginning of your appointment, your clinician will apply an anesthetic cream to the area of your tattoo. You'll also be given protective eye gear and a cooling device. Once the anesthetic cream starts doing its thing, your clinician will get to work, using the laser to deliver pulses to the tattoo's pigment. Is it painful? It can be a bit uncomfortable but most people find it totally tolerableit's often described as a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin. The amount of laser pulses depends on the tattoo's size, but most treatment sessions only last a few minutes.

Once your treatment is over, youll need to begin the after-care process right away. Click ahead for what you'll need to do before and after your treatment.

What To Do Before Your Appointment What To Do After Your Appointment

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Laser Tattoo Removal Services | LaserAway

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