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Posted in Tattoo on Dec 02, 2019

This year, celebrities went all out with tattoos and we thought it would be fun to take a look at the best and worst choices in Hollywood. Overall, there were plenty of great tattoo decisions made during 2019, however, there were also several major blunders. Take a look at the best and worst celebrity tattoos of the past year in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on these tattoos in the comments section.

Lady Gaga shocked the world with this large yet delicate back tattoo, which pays homage to her role in A Star is Born and was inked by Winterstone.

Who doesn't love a spooky tattoo? This tattoo by JonBoy is to die for.

Miley went all out during his divorce from Liam Hemsworth and collected a staggering number of tattoos, some of which she got with new beau Cody Simpson.

It's no longer a secret that singer Halsey is a huge Marilyn Manson fan and we love this tattoo she got while touring in Australia.

Nothing says black excellence like this sleeve by Steve Butcher on NBA player Lonzo Ball. Well done.

We were shocked but also impressed when Gomez debuted this gorgeous piece by Bang Bang at the American Music Awards.

Michael J Fox went all out with his first tattoo and got a sentimental sea turtle by acclaimed micro artist Mr. K in NYC.

Dillon Forte knocked it out of the park with this intricate geometric piece on Usher, which definitely is a statement making tattoo.

Cardi B went to one of the best artists in the business, Jamie Schene, for this gorgeous floral back piece.

After Nipsey Hussle's passing, his partner Lauren London got a touching tattoo of the fallen rapper.

Although Levine has gravitated toward bold traditional tattoos in the past, this delicate, fine line tattoo was a nice surprise to his fans.

Demi Lovato got a touching tribute tattoo for her Grandmother in 2019, calling it her most meaningful piece to date.

This year, Kehlani sought out Los Angeles artist Miryam Lumpini for a rework of her sunflower tattoo, with the artist putting a fresh spin on her existing ink.

After the passing of his beloved pup, Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner got matching pieces by Dragon of Bang Bang NYC.

While we love Ariana, this palm tattoo was one of the biggest fails of the year. Back in January, Grande debuted a mistranslated palm tattoowhich was intended to read "Seven rings" but instead meant small barbecue grill. Grande attempted to fix the tattoo by adding more characters, however, she would have been better off having the piece removed.

Aaron Carter has been a staple of the 2019 celebrity news cycle, shocking fans worldwide with wild antics. This face tattoo was one of his biggest blunders to date and we hope 2020 will be a better year for the former child star.

While this tattoo is technically well done, the meaning behind it is pretty douchey. Yes, it's amazing that Drake has sold this many albums but did he need a tattoo to prove his status?

One word: Yikes! Moby is one of the most outspoken vegans in Hollywood and now his message is louder than ever with these shocking tattoos.

In 2018, SNL comedian Pete Davidson had a short lived relationship with Ariana Grande, which included an engagement and many matching tattoos. Davidson covered up one of their matching script pieces on the back of his neck with the word "Cursed," however, we would have suggested he pick something more positive. Sure, he was going through a tough breakup, but maybe he should have picked another word for this coverup.

Why? Just why would Lil Pump get this tattoo? Not only is this tattoo flawed in application but it's just plain weird.

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20 Best and Worst Celebrity Tattoos of 2019 - INKED

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