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Posted in Tattoo on Dec 16, 2019

Weeks before Disney+ went live, we heard nothing but excitement about, and anticipation of, Jon FavreausThe Mandalorian. We knew it would be a hit because of its star-studded cast of directors and actors and because we rarely hear of anythingStar Wars-related being a complete flop.

Now, almost a month into enjoying Disneys new streaming platform, many of us have fallen hard for the new Disney+ series about a bounty hunter who refuses to take off his helmet. And though we love Mando, theres anotherMandalorianstar who pulls at our heartstrings, is shrouded in mystery and has darn-near broken the internet more than once.

Enter Baby Yoda, the child who cant possibly be Yoda since by this time in the Star Wars timeline, the green-skinned, swamp-dwelling Jedi Master would have already been inducted into the Force Ghost Hall of Fame.Star Wars fans or not, people are in love with the mini-Yoda and his super cool pod that hovered alongside Mando until it was destroyed in Episode 3 ofThe Mandalorian.

But some fans are just more in love with Baby Yoda than othersand theyve proven it by making his likeness a permanent part of their skin. If you thought Baby Yoda memes were overtaking the internet, check out these Baby Yoda tats on fans who just might loveThe Mandalorian and his tiny green fellow-traveler more than you do.

This bicep tattoo of Baby Yoda is so detailed, he looks like hes popping off of the skin!

This tattoo by Lucky 13 Tattoos features Mando and Baby Yoda. Its clearly got a Calvin and Hobbs feel to it.

This uber-creative inking was done by Nick Peirce at the Diamond State Tattoo Parlor located in Sherwood, Arkansas. It features Baby Yoda cradled inside Mandos helmet. (Guess he finally took it off) It also throws it back to Boba Fett before he met with that Sarlacc pit. Note his helmet under that of the Mandalorian.

This Baby Yoda tat was inked in Saratov, Russia.

This tattoo was only fitting after Baby Yoda ate a frog in Episode 4 ofThe Mandalorian.

The detail in this Baby Yoda tattoo inked by an artist in Louisville, Kentucky is pretty impressive.

This Baby Yoda tat was shared by an Instagrammer in Eagle River, Alaska.

And this adorable tattoo of Baby Yoda wins for cutest tat on our list. Its by Bea Iglesias at Zero Tattoo.

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Baby Yoda tattoos: 8 People who are bigger "Mandalorian" fans than you - Inside the Magic

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