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Posted in Tattoo on Dec 12, 2019

(Photo: Amanda Smith/Quinte News)

The sentencing hearing for a former Belleville tattoo artist,convicted ofsexual assault and other charges,has been pushed into the new year.

In Belleville court Wednesday, Justice Patrick Hurley granted a new sentencing date of January 23 for Kenneth Wayne Melvin.

Assistant Crown Attorney Lynn Ross told Quinte News, she and defence attorney Mike Pretsell are trying to work out an agreement on otheroutstanding charges which are set to be spoken to at a trial in February 2020.

She says they are aiming to have the sentencing for all of the charges dealt with at the same time in January.

Melvin was found guilty in June of this year on six counts of sexual assault, two counts indecent act and one charge of criminal harassment. He was facing a total of 16 charges from 10 complainants in this trial.

He is currently scheduled to face trial in February on charges of unlawful confinement, sexual assault, touching for a sexual purpose and making and possessing child pornography.

The former owner/operator of Skin Graphix was facing over 30 charges after he was originally charged in April 2017.

A full day has been set aside in January to address the matter.

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Former tattoo artist sentencing pushed to new year - Quinte News

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