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Posted in Tattoo on Dec 18, 2019

Ex On The Beach star Jemma Lucy gets ANOTHER tattoo of Katie Price despite previously insulting her in foul-mouthed Twitter tirade

Tattoo-loving Jemma Lucy shared her latest inking on Instagram on Friday and it looks a lot like a certain glamour model who used to go by the moniker Jordan.

The Ex On The Beach star first met Katie Price in 2011 on Katies modelling show Signed By Katie Price in 2011.

The stars became firm friends before a huge bust-up which left the women trading insults in the press, making Jemmas choice of daubing mystifying.

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The reality star already has an etching of the model on her arm which shows Katie clad in a bikini with her legs spread and her hands behind her head.

The new image is on Jemmas leg and showsa nude large-breasted woman with her hand folded in front of her tummy.

Her long hair flies around her face, apparently whipped by a wind and her cheekbones are razor sharp.

The depiction certainly looks very like Katie Price.

But the choice is astonishing considering that just a couple of months ago Jemma was accusing the CBB star of ruining her romance with Stephen Bear.

The Ex On The Beach star launched a foul-mouthed Twitter tirade at Katie Price in January.

In a series of explosive tweets Jemma called Katie a s**g and a c***.

She wrote: Apart from the fact youre a s**g STILL trying to turn people against me!

Ive got all the messages !!!!! C***.

She went on to accuse Katie of secretly texting Bear and meddling in their relationship, ultimately causing them to break up.

Cant believe u text bear warning him off me and s**ging me off u old Hag, she typed. hope u had dub cheating on all your bfs [boyfriends].

Quite why the feisty star would choose to get a tattoo of the woman who she believes ruined her relationship remains a mystery.

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Jemma Lucy gets ANOTHER tattoo of enemy Katie Price - Stock Daily Dish

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