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Posted in Tattoo on Dec 16, 2019

Victorias Ocean Sleeper have opened up about how important and meaningful it is to see their fans inking their bodies with tattoos of their music and lyrics.

Ask any fan of music and they will tell you that their favourite artists music means more to them than you may ever know.

From the simple act of hanging lyrics in your school locker to seeing your favourite band live, countless fans choose to express their love of an artist in countless different ways. Of course, one of the most extreme and flattering methods is by immortalising lyrics or songs via a tattoo.

With Gippslands Ocean Sleeper having gained quite an intense following over the last few years, and recently releasing their album, Dont Leave Me This Way, it would come as no surprise to learn a few of their fans have inked their skin in honour of their tunes.

To celebrate the dedication of their fans, we had a chat with vocalist Karl Spiessl to learn more about how they feel about such behaviour, and what it means to them as both artists and music fans.

Music and tattoos have always gone hand in hand to me. Having some band tattoos myself I understand how important a song, band or album can be to someone. Music can hold such a deep connection to a person, whether it be a love for the artist or their music helping them through challenging times in life.

Last year we were absolutely blown away when a girl tagged us in an Instagram photo of her first tattoo, which was flowers and our lyrics stay strong when the world just weighs too much from our song Six Feet Down.

From then it was overwhelming; it seemed like nearly every week we were getting tagged in new photos of people getting our artwork and lyrics tattooed. Not just in Australia but all over the world too. From hand tattoos, neck tattoos, to even getting our signatures tattooed over after shows (crazy!).

The most popular Ocean Sleeper tattoo we have seen so far has been our Worthless No Purpose song lyrics or the heart noose song artwork. That song has strong negative head space themes and seeing people connect with it so deeply is so special.

Our lyrical nature has always drawn a lot of people expressing how our music has helped them through low points in life, or how strongly they relate to the lyrics, which is so rewarding.

Creating something that someone can relate to and hold so close is an incredible feeling. it makes me so happy that we can make an impact one someones life like that.

With our debut album having just dropped Im excited to see how people connect with these songs and see a new chapter of Ocean Sleeper tattoos to come!


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Ocean Sleeper discuss the meaning and importance of fans tattoos - Brag Magazine

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