Taiwan’s military announces relaxation on its tattoo ban in 2020 – The Taiwan Times

Posted in Tattoo on Dec 02, 2019

We know that there are organizations in the government sector which have some strict rules which need to be followed in order to get a job. For example, you must have heard that there are rules in the army and military where you are not allowed to have tattoos on your body and drink or smoke as well as maintain the uniforms integrity at all costs. Now, we know that the integrity of uniform needs to be maintained as well as smoking/drinking can hinder the performance of the military so it is reasonable to be banned. But the weird part is about the ban on tattoos which is seen as a fashion thing in the military.

But there is great news for people who have been wanting to join the military and are forced out of it as they have a tattoo because the Taiwan military has relaxed its norms on having tattoos for military personnel. Basically, a new report from the Taiwanese military has emerged which reveals that Taiwans military is relaxing its ban on tattoos in order to increase its recruitment base. This relaxation comes amidst the transition of Taiwans military to an all-volunteer force.

However, these new rules will apply to the recruits in the Taiwanese military by 2020 only which means that the current personnel in the military might still be banned from having a tattoo. As per the new regulations, the personnel will not be allowed to have new tattoos on or above the neck and on or below the wrist. Basically, the person can have a tattoo anywhere on his body which is not exposed. These new regulations apply to volunteer soldiers only as the tattoos will still not be permitted for those who apply to military academies or officer training schools. Now, we feel that this is a welcome change and will help in getting more people to volunteer for the military.

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Taiwan's military announces relaxation on its tattoo ban in 2020 - The Taiwan Times

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