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Posted in Tattooing on Jun 29, 2021

Popular K-Pop band BTS recently celebrated the 8th anniversary of the band and their fandom, known as ARMY at an event called BTS 2021 Muster SOWOOZOO. After jungkook stepped out, he made his fans talking about his numerous tattoos on his arm and hand which include ARMY, BTS debut date '0613', a golden-colored eye and a microphone among others. While fans seems to have embraced Jungkook's body art, Suga was once worried that the ARMY might not appreciate Jungkook getting a tattoo like women have on their bodies. Also Read - BTS: As Jimin wins praise for breaking gender norms once again; here's a throwback to the times when the septet embraced gender neutrality in dressing - view pics

During an episode of BTS American Hustle Life, Jungkook had revealed that he would get inked once he's grown up. He said that he was inspired by a woman's neck tattoo and decided to get one. He was just 16-year-old at that time. But Suga wasn't really in favour of Jungkook. Also Read - BTS members pick the young master and no, it's NOT Jungkook find out

"I always talk about this, when all of us go out together, the other members can't drink because of me. They don't even like drinking that much though it's kind of weird, all the members don't like to drink. So, when I become an adult, we're gonna go out and drink together. That's what they said. I want to be an adult as soon as possible so that all the BTS members can have a drink together like a party and I really want to drive. I want to get a tattoo. The women inside have a tattoo (on their bodies). So I really want one too," Jungkook had said. Also Read - Candid pics of Jungkook, Suga and other BTS band members that prove they are the goofiest gang ever view pics

Suga interjected him to find out what he was talking about and asked him, "Why are saying that in front of the camera? He's out of his mind! Our fans are gonna be disappointed." To which, Jungkook replied, "I just mentioned how much I love our ARMY. If they love us, they won't mind. If it's a cute, tiny tattoo."

For the uninitiated, tattoos have been a subject of taboo in South Korea and perhaps it could be the reason why Suga was so worried about Jungkook getting one. But fans have accepted him and his tattoos.

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BTS: When Suga was worried after Jungkook revealed he wanted a tattoo like women have on their bodies - Bollywood Life

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