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Posted in Tattooing on Jun 29, 2021

There is more to the Fathers Day weekend post of a baby rocking a gold chain while getting a full-body tattoo. While the post succeeded in going viral, the tattoos are temporary. Mom and tattoo enthusiast Shemeka Morris told Reuters she was surprised by the attention her pictures had gotten saying: I thought I was just a mom being creative and thinking outside the box.

Posts featuring Baby Treylin, the tatted baby from Florida, can be seen on Instagram, here and Facebook here . Some users appear to believe the tattoos are real. A comment under a post seen here reads: Thats really against his will. Other comments include: What happens when the baby grows and his skin grows out??

Treylin has an Instagram page of his own, here . The profile of the 6-month-old shows celebratory monthly posts, including pictures with mom Shemeka, who manages the page (here).

In an Instagram message exchange with Morris, she said her son was born early and a stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit prevented her from celebrating his first month of life. She decided to celebrate his monthly milestones with different themes and since her brother owns a tattoo shop, she chose to do her babys six-month photos with this theme.

Morris, from Belle Glade, Florida said that reactions to her sons photographs had been mixed; while some understood it to be humorous, others threaten to call the police on me and said what I was doing with my son is abuse and neglectful.

According to Morris, the tattoo illusion was created by using temporary tattoos like the ones seen here on Amazon.

Morris said she wanted her son and others to never be afraid to be different.

I am completely comfortable in my skin an [sic] my son will be raised the same way.

Satire. Pictures and videos showing a baby getting a total body tattoo are temporary artwork, not real tattoos.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here .

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Fact Check-Florida babys tattoos were temporary and intended as a joke - Reuters

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