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Posted in Tattooing on Sep 04, 2021

It is hard to begin a Gregory Soto story any other way. Think Soto, and you think of the flame-throwing fastball, the emphatic strikeouts and the frightening wild pitches, the dreadlocks and the fist pumps and the general theater of watching one of baseballs best emerging relief pitchers.

Soto, who is 26, commands an imposing and entertaining presence, no doubt. He arrived at this years All-Star game pitching with a shining silver glove with his stats sewn into the back of the leather. He had colorful cleats, studs in his ears, a thick chain around his neck, a flair and fashion fitting of a dynamic bullpen presence.

But as Soto blossoms into the Tigers go-to leverage relief pitcher no, A.J. Hinch still isnt using the word closer we are also slowly learning more about the man behind the image.

And so if you want to know Soto, what he carries in his heart, what drives him down to his soul, look no further than the ink that covers his right arm and much of his body. His tattoos are another part of the image. They also serve as a roadmap into the deeper parts of what makes Soto tick.

Tuesday in the Detroit Tigers dugout, Soto held up his forearm, pulled up his sleeve and showed off the markings that help make him who he is.

Sotos first tattoo was his 4-year-old sons name, Yadiel. He has the name tattooed in large, striking letters across the outer part of his right forearm. He says it is the one that means the most to him. Family and faith are common themes.

On Sotos right shoulder, he has a tattoo of his mothers face, complete with her name, Yomari.

Near his right biceps, Soto has Psalm 23 tattooed in Spanish.

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Gregory Sotos tattoos reveal another side of the Tigers bullpen virtuoso - The Athletic

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