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Posted in Tattooing on May 19, 2021

Simply put, the process is aimed to offer an illusion of a full head of hair.

For anyone who has an issue with their scalp resulting in hair loss, due to a serious ailment, or genetic hair loss, scars or injuries can opt for scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or hairline tattoo (as some like to call it).

Although both microblading and micropigmentation tend to look similar, there is a significant difference between them, as the latter uses a different implanting pigment approach.

In other words, where microblading is performed using manual blades, micropigmentation uses an electronic tattoo device to get the job done. This is because it penetrates the skin layer on the scalp which is way thicker compared to eyebrows.

Contrary to what many would like to believe, the primary goal of SMP treatments is not to create or make way for original hairline. Instead, it uses tiny, layered dots covered in different hues to closely resemble a shadow on your scalp, which is referred to as pointillism. Doing so adds a natural depth and definition to the overall scalp. In time, one look at your scalp will give an onlooker the impression of a close head shave or a crew cut hairstyle.

In essence, the treatment benefits a long line of individuals who have experienced any one of the following conditions:

The amount of micropigmentation required varies from one person to another. Thus, the treatment might take anywhere between two to five hours.

SMP treatment involves a few stages namely primary conulation, subsequent planning, the first treatment ,a dn if required additional sessions.

Lets take a closer look at each stage.

Generally, you get into a private consultation with the artist who will be working on your scalp. It is during this stage that you are explained the process, and the artist can take a detailed look at your scalp condition to come up with his own recommendations. If one prefers, the consultation can be also done via phone or a video chat. If you live in Australia, you have a chance to check out some of the finest skin care clinics Melbourne that specialize in SMP or head hairline tattoo.

To gain the desired effect across your scalp, it is imperative that you work alongside a micropigmentation expert to consider the possible options. Things that require discussion during this stage include hairline length and placement, pigment color, pain threshold, recovery time and such other details.

This is perhaps the best time to ask as many questions as possible to clear your doubts. This will help you stay calm throughout the process and avoid any unnecessary anxiety or stress.

The first session is aimed at creating the foundation of your intended hairline. To do so, the micropigmentation expert uses a dedicated needle dipped in color right along your outermost layer of skin. In time, several microdots will be created which are nothing but tiny hair follicles.

Follow up sessions

The follow up sessions will see even more microdots being created to help achieve the desired look.

SMP, by all means, is an implant procedure, and it is completely normal to worry about the pain involved. However, since the process only involves your outer layer of skin, the amount of pain is way less than what one experiences during a traditional tattoo session. If you ever got yourself inked, you will know better.

Nevertheless, the pain threshold varies from one individual to another and it is always advised to inform the attending SMP expert beforehand so that he can take necessary precautions to help you feel comfortable.

Well, now that you got yourself a new hairline, its probably time to enjoy your new look. Compared to other traditional hair transplantation treatments, SMP requires minimal aftercare, especially during the healing period. Also, the hairline tattoo before and after results can be astonishing for any onlooker.

However, one might choose to touch up on the work done in a few years to keep the appearance, much akin to recolouring a tattoo when it fades. Also , unlike hair transplantation that might require revisiting certain spots on the scalp, SMP involves no redoing and does not incur any recurring expenses.

Some might experience little allergies on the way when your scalp undergoes healing. However, with a little adherence to a few basics, like not getting your scalp wet immediately after the procedure will help take care of these temporary issues.

So, you see, SMP is a trusted and effective way to give your appearance a makeover like never before. With great success rate and almost negligible side effects, SMP can be your go to treatment option to take care of your bald scalp right away.

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