‘Human satan’ cuts off finger, removes nose and gives himself tusks in extreme body modification – The Mirror

Posted in Tattooing on Jul 09, 2021

A tattoo artist who is obsessed with modifying his body has turned himself into a "human satan" with a series of procedures and tattoos.

Michel Faro do Prado, 44, from Praia Grande coast in Brazil, has been a tattoo artist for 25 years - and he's transformed his own body along the way.

He's now shared a 'before' picture of what he looked like before undergoing all the work - and he's truly unrecognisable.

As well as covering his body in ink, Michel has recently inserted silver tusks to his gnashers - but that's not even the most extreme of his modifications.

Michel, who is on Instagram as @diabaopraddo, had his ring finger removed from one of his hands.

In a photo that isn't for the faint-hearted, Michel, a dad and husband can be seen holding his bloody, severed finger in his hand.

The enthusiast also claims to be the third person ever to have the end of his nose removed.

It should be noted that the exact procedure for such an extreme measure is unclear, as are the risks of having such an unusual procedure. You should not consider such a procedure without consulting a medical professional.

His latest addition, the curved tusks, stick out from either side of his mouth. Although Michel reckons they look like they cost a pretty penny, he claims he only spent 5,000 Brazilian real (about 790).

Among other procedures Michel has had are four horns on each side of his head and implants under his skin on his forehead.

His entire body is covered in tattoos - including his eyeballs - and his wife, who specialises in body modifications, has helped him achieve his look over the years.

Michel said: "I have been a tattoo artist for 25 years, most of my tattoos I get from tattoo artists and professionals who I have paid.

"I focus on blackwork and brutal tattoos, which are types of tattoos where you ink a large part of your body.

"But my wife has specialised in the area of modifications and the idea is for me to become her masterpiece when it comes to tattooing!"

Although some of Michel's procedures look like they were incredibly painful, he claims he doesn't mind going through it to get the body he wants.

He said: "Actually I have a good resistance to pain, I don't think anything is so painful, I suffer a lot more in the post-procedures than at the time.

"And the truth is that there are changes that without anaesthesia would be almost impossible to be done, I would love not to feel any pain.

"But if I have to feel pain, to achieve what I want, for sure I will face it!"

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'Human satan' cuts off finger, removes nose and gives himself tusks in extreme body modification - The Mirror

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