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Posted in Tattooing on May 19, 2021

When Luis Castillo takes the mound Tuesday night against the Giants, hell carry the baggage of as 1-5 record and a 7.71 earned run average.

And he will have a Hawkeye tattoo on his forearm.

Luis going to wear it tonight, said Miley. Im going to try The Hulk again tomorrow, Ill let Jeb put it on me and well see what happens.

Miley said he never gave the Hulk tattoo on his forearm a second thought, Never thought it would lead to this. I probably could have hidden it if I hadnt said anything that day.

It was during his post-game Zoom interview after the no-hitter and it wasnt planned to talk about the tattoo.

It was spur of the moment, he said. I just looked down when I was taking my headset off and I saw it. I thought, I have to give my little buddy a shoutout here. I did and now it is where it is.

And it became a national phenomenon due to Mileys many TV appearances when he gave credit to Jeb.

He told me when we got home from Colorado, Dad, Im famous, said Miley.

Jeb, though, isnt all in. Hes holding back. Hes a little selfish, said Miley. He doesnt want to give anybody Spiderman and doesnt want to give anybody Iron Man. The cool characters? The man aint ready to give em up.

Miley said he likes Iron Man and is trying to talk Jeb into using that tattoo and I said to him, Maybe I can use Iron Man, but hes not there yet.

When Miley took the mound in Colorado, six days after the no-hitter, the temporary but fading Hulk was still on his forearm. Evidently, the Hulk was napping. Miley survived only three innings and gave up eight runs, 11 hits and three walks in a 9- loss to the Rockies.

Miley insists he felt physically better before that start the before the no-hitter.

You never know how youll feel and it doesnt necessarily come from your performance in the bullpen (warming up), said Miley. I physically felt great going into my last start. I felt clean with my delivery, felt good, but obviously it didnt work out.

Miley checked the video and the charts and they confirmed the way he thought.

My command chart? Its crazy but it wasnt very different from the no-hitter game, he added. As far as mistakes, I didnt make a whole lot of mistakes. Thats just baseball.

The one difference was that Mileys change-up was missing, a pitch he needs to complement his cutter.

I didnt have the change-up that day and it makes it much tougher to pitch he said. Its crazy how this game works. You look at the numbers and you say, He stunk, but if you dig deep and look at the quality of the pitches, I wasnt that far off. The Rockies did a really good job.

Miley, already a media favorite for his candid comments, his sense of humor and his self-deprecation, won major points during his Zoom interview before Tuesdays game. Due to Covid-19 protocol, the media are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the field. There are no one-on-one interviews.

I miss the media in the clubhouse, I miss it, I really do, he said. Seeing media around the cages during BP? I miss that. Its really cool. Its all a part of being in the big leagues.

And if yall talk or write crap,I can get my hands on you, he said with a laugh. Its a part of baseball that is missing. It is a pain to sometimes have to stand in front of your locker and answer questions? Yes. But I miss it. And you get to know people.

So it will be Castillo and Miley wearing superhero tattoos on their forearms the next two nights, with the hopes that the Giants wont tattoo them.

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McCoy: The tale of the temporary tattoos continues for Reds - Dayton Daily News

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