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Dedicated fans of the fascinating TV series, Prison Break, know that Wentworth Millers character, Michael Scofield, entered incarceration with elaborate tattoos over much of his body. However, by the start of season 4, the tats were gone. Why did Miller beg to have the tattoos removed? Heres what we know.

From the first frame of Prison Break, Scofields tats were featured almost as prominently as the character himself. Comprising two dozen tattoo designs, the complex image provided a virtual blueprint of the Fox River Penitentiary along with additional info Scofield and his brother, Lincoln Burrows, used to plot their eventual escape.

In real life, English-born actor Wentworth Miller sports no tats of his own. Nonetheless, he sat for nearly five hours in the makeup chair every time his characters tattoos were applied. Once they were no longer crucial to the plotline, Miller strongly requested the tats be removed from Scofields body and every script thereafter, explained Screenrant.

Even before they became irrelevant to the story, Scofields tats were a problem for Miller, who explained that filming seasons 2 and 3 in 100-degree Texas heat in long sleeves that supposedly covered up his still-remaining tats was unbearable, according to Digital Spy.

The detailed prison map on Scofields back was not the only mysterious message in his fake ink. Screenrant did a deep delve to discover the secrets embedded in Millers Prison Break tattoos. Here are a few of the things they found out:

If theyd been decoded before he busted out of Fox River Penitentiary, Scofields tats could have caused him a world of trouble. In fact, law enforcement has used tattoos to identify and apprehend numerous criminals, including 20th-century mass murderer Richard Speck.

After Specks conspicuous Born to Raise Hell tattoo was published in local newspapers in 1966, it was recognized and reported by a Cook County doctor who treated the killer for injuries sustained during an attempted suicide, explained History. According to AP News, Speck was then sentenced to eight consecutive life terms and died of a heart attack at Stateville Correctional Center in 1991.

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