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Posted in Tattooing on Dec 08, 2019

The Mandalorian has barely been out for a month and there are already fans getting Baby Yoda tattoos. Ever since the end of the first episode, the little green alien has become the world's obsession. In order to keep Baby Yoda a secret, Disney and Lucasfilm delayed merchandising, which was a wise decision to keep the mystique of the show intact, but terrible for marketing since bootleg toys and clothing are flying off the shelves. However, there are some Star Wars fans who want more than just a toy or shirt.

Star Wars fans are currently paying tribute to Baby Yoda by having his image tattooed on their body. So far, there are dozens of people that have run out to get these tattoos, each one with its own creative spin. There are some that are extremely well-done and detailed, while there are more than a few that look like permanent regrets, or at the very least, a good story. Star Wars tattoos are nothing new, neither are tattoos of the original Yoda, but Baby Yoda holding a White Claw is pretty original.

Baby Yoda's big eyes look pretty amazing in some of the tattoos on social media. While the world didn't even know about his existence less than a month ago, it appears that The Child has become a popular number on a tattoo parlor wall since so many people are rushing out to pay tribute. While this is all well and good, what if Jon Favreau has some pretty ugly plans for the adorable little guy? What if he starts using his Force powers for evil and joins the Dark Side, helping out Emperor Palpatine and Snoke?

The Mandalorian probably won't do anything too drastic with The Child, but we still have no idea about his origins. We don't know where he came from or why so many people either want him dead or alive for experiments, though there have been plenty of fan theories floating around. For now, Baby Yoda is the king of memes and he dominates all pop culture, even eclipsing the show's star Pedro Pascal, who has yet to reveal his face on the show.

The world of tattoos is an interesting place. For some, they are full of stories and tributes to loved ones. For others, they are a way to show their Star Wars devotion. Baby Yoda is the big thing right now, but he more than likely won't be the big thing for too much longer, which may end up being better for the fans that got the tattoos. While we wait to see how the whole story pans out, you can check out some of the best, and worst, Baby Yoda tattoos below. As a warning, there is one tattoo listed below that is incredibly NSFW and it's pretty confusing. The Mandalorian airs Friday nights on Disney+ apps and

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