This Man Got A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Sipping A White Claw For Some Reason –

Posted in Tattooing on Dec 08, 2019


I consider myself to be pretty unhealthily obsessed with Baby Yoda. Ever since I first saw him on the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, he has consumed a large chunk of my time. So much so that a friend recently asked me if I am OK (I am not). But one man has seen mine and the rest of the internet's Baby Yoda obsession and said "hold my While Claw." Yes, the man got a tattoo of Baby Yoda...holding a White Claw.

Our hero's name is Brock McLaughlin, but he goes by the extremely good name Baby Yodas Baby Daddy on Twitter. He recently shared a photo of his ink and because it is chaotic as all hell, it has gone viral.

"Aint no laws when baby yoda drinking claws," he wrote, alongside a photo of the ginormous tattoo on his arm.

I have more than a few questions. Like, why White Claw? I get it's trendy but Baby Yoda is a baby. Like, I know he's actually 50 on the show (I dunno, look it up, it's weird) but there is no way anyone would let him drink! Also, what would possess you to get this without at least seeing the first season of the show in its entirety? Maybe Baby Yoda ends up being bad! Unlikely, but you never know!

People online, of course, reacted with a wave of confusion and mockery upon seeing the tattoo.

At least one person liked it: the person running White Claw's Twitter account. They wrote "Truly wonderful, this tattoo is." For his part, Brock seems to be loving all the buzz that has come from his tattoo, retweeting comments and even late night shows that have mentioned it.

Honestly, good for him! This whole year has made me feel like I have worms in my brain so I am all for this. Whatever! Do what you want! Lil Baby Yodes forever.

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This Man Got A Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Sipping A White Claw For Some Reason -

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